Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Interpol dates in North America

Update 4: Nov. 5th in NYC at United Palace Theatre. Tickets on sale July 1st at 10am.

Pittsburgh - Success / Summer Well / C'mere / Lights
Buffalo - Success / Narc / NYC / Summer Well

Update 3: Matador says the album release has been pushed up a week to Sept. 7th, and confirms that more US dates will be added this Autumn. (Thanks coslive)

Update 2:
Listen to the new songs, 'Success' and 'Summer Well', from the Rochester show, and download the complete show here - Part 1 / Part 2.

Full list of dates here, and the video for 'Lights' has just been posted for downloading or watch it here.

Not on the list yet, but here are 2 confirmed shows for later in the year:
Oct. 16th - Mexico City (Capital Festival)
Oct. 29th, 30th or 31st - New Orleans, LA. (Voodoo Fest)


  1. Whoa. Who's your source, Craig?

    Pretty cool to have possible dates when even Interpol fan sites don't.

    Hoping for a date in Toronto!

  2. Muld: But they do. Got some of the dates from the official forum. : )

  3. Were the previous dates canceled or just postponed? I was surprised to see Interpol playing the Chameleon in Amish country, then dismayed to see it was sold out. So if it's rescheduled I might be able to snag tix off of craigslist....

    Otherwise, Ramshead isn't that far away!

    PS- my wife thinks the video for 'Evil' is about the creepiest thing on earth.

  4. J: All dates were canceled, except for Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Allentown which they kept on their schedule.

  5. London.2 nights in December, i'm in:)

  6. Thanks for the update Craig. I seem to get Interpol updates through you instead of them. :)

  7. Just found another new date.
    Aug. 5th - Montclair, NJ (Wellmont Theatre) On sale 6/25 at noon.

  8. Muld: Unconfirmed, but word is that they are playing Toronto on Aug. 10th at Kool Haus.

  9. Very good news!! In the wise words of Jack Tripper: "Boom shaka laka laka!!"

  10. Man, that HD Video in blasting Surround Sound, AWESOME!!!!

    F'n so hope they open the new album with this, and just keep up the momentum!

  11. ca serais mieux the cure !!!

  12. Another effortlessly beautiful song "Lights", I can't listen to the live ones, don't want to ruin it.

    God they are wonderful!

  13. J: I find it extremely ironic that Interpol was planning on playing at a venue called the Chameleon club, especially since their sound is supposedly heavily influenced by the
    The Chameleons. As much as I like Interpol (mostly the first two albums, not too sure what happened on the third), they don't hold a candle to their often-overlooked predecessors who inspired their music. The guitar work on the TOTBL album, in particular, sounds eerily similar to the Chameleons' signature sound on Script of the Bridge.

  14. been following this short tour.
    new record is going to be amazing.
    they are so good live, intoxicating, like seeing the cure when they had keybaords/

  15. went shopping today; the perfect boy was playing in h&m :)

  16. Last night's show, as in, the one in Buffalo that I decided not to attend in favor of the Ayria and Project Pitchfork show in Rochester?

  17. Shawn: No, the posted show is the first night of the tour in Rochester.

  18. Huge thank you, Craig, for giving me a heads up about the Toronto date. Interpol did a crap job of providing a link to an early, reduced cost, or even working link this morning -- despite promising this months ago in an email.

    Thanks to a U2 fan site fan who gave me the heads up about the ticketmaster link, I just went there and even found out about the time of the sale.

    Excited about the Toronto date. Not sure if I want to expose myself to other new tracks or just surprise myself. I'm finding it tough to avoid listening to Interpol, but I must if I'm to enjoy the show in mid-August.

  19. thanks for the rochester live download link...i was at that show. awesome!

  20. So wish I could take my wife to NOLA for our Halloween Anniversary.

    No funds unfortunately. :(

  21. I'm sure you know by now, Craig, but Interpol's tracklisting is up:


    1) Success
    2) Memory Serves
    3) Summer Well
    4) Lights
    5) Barricade
    6) Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
    7) Safe Without
    8) Try It On
    9) All Of The Ways
    10) The Undoing