Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cure voted 8th best at Glastonbury

The Cure's 1990 show was voted 8th best in Glastonbury history. Read the full story in the comments. (Thanks Andy)
Videos from the show - Shake Dog Shake / A Strange Day / A Night Like This / Catch / Pictures of You / Fascination Street / Lullaby / Dressing Up / Same Deep Water As You / Lament / Just Like Heaven / The Walk / Primary / Inbetween Days.
(Thanks Lane/CureFM)
Get the Never Enough bootleg of the show here - Part 1 / 2 or here - Part 1 / 2. (Thanks T.U.B.E.)


    By Press Association Reporter

    Woo-hoo ... Blur's reunion show was today named the greatest Glastonbury performance of the past 40 years.
    The re-formed band's headline slot in 2009 beat off a pair of appearances by
    Radiohead in the poll by BBC 6 Music listeners.
    The station saw one of its own presenters, Jarvis Cocker, weigh in at fourth
    place when Pulp played their career-making show in 1995.
    Blur's show last year saw the band return to full strength once more, six years
    after guitarist Graham Coxon had left the line-up and members had gone their
    separate ways.
    Runner-up position was taken by Radiohead for their 1997 show on the Pyramid
    stage, just days after they released their landmark OK Computer album.
    A further appearance in 2003, as they toured Hail To The Thief, was ranked
    Other notable acts to make the top 20 included Johnny Cash, Jeff Buckley and
    David Bowie.
    The oldest performance in the list dates back to just 1990 when The Cure played
    a prestige slot. And listeners voted a show by Coldplay in 2000 - when the band
    had still to release breakthrough single Yellow - into seventh position.
    The list was unveiled on Lauren Laverne's show today.
    BBC 6 Music is broadcasting live from the festival throughout the weekend,
    which will see presenter Tom Ravenscroft following in the footsteps of his
    father John Peel who regularly featured in BBC Glastonbury coverage.
    1. Blur - 2009
    2. Radiohead - 1997
    3. Radiohead - 2003
    4. Pulp - 1995
    5. David Bowie - 2000
    6. Orbital - 2004
    7. Coldplay - 2000
    8. The Cure - 1990
    9. REM - 2003
    10. Elbow - 2004
    11. Johnny Cash - 1994
    12. Jeff Buckley - 1995
    13. The Chemical Brothers - 2000
    14. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page - 1995
    15. Manic Street Preachers - 1999
    16. Morrissey - 2004
    17. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - 1999
    18. Portishead - 1998
    19. Beastie Boys - 1994
    20. Suede - 2003

  2. That's cool. Was the gig recorded for T.V? I don't see any sign of the Cure on any of the various "greatest performance" type shows that are on.

  3. The Cure were not mentioned AT ALL on the 40th anniversary show on the BBC, was shocking.. But this is awesome! :)

  4. Nice that the Mescaleros got some loving

  5. If I recall, the Cure and Glastonbury have an interesting history. The daughter of the founder was a big Cure fan at a very young age, and she requested that they play. I think there's even a picture of her and Robert in 1990 when she was a pre-teen and Robert looking very weirded out that he has such a young fan.

    However, a decade on, the founders of Glastonbury haven't booked the Cure because "the Cure haven't played good shows at Glastonbury". (That was stated by Robert) Maybe the BBC agreed, and that's why they weren't included. I have a boot from 1990, and it was a pretty weak show. Perry was making mistakes. But a live version of Lament was cool.

    This is all from a drug addled memory, so it's worth what you paid for it.


  6. @J. To add to your story, last year during the NME Godlike Genius publicity some relative of the Glastonbury organizer (quite possibly this 'daughter' you speak of) asked Robert a question in a Q&A. Rather than answering her, he just ripped into her, wondering why the band haven't been asked back to the festival.

  7. You can actually read the aforementioned Q&A here:

  8. @Andrew - thanks. Wow... wrath of Smith.

  9. wow.... "what do you think is the best song you've written" question, salt in the wounds... ouch.
    i miss the cure.

  10. OMG they performed LAMENT! Next show, I'm holding a HUGE sign saying, "PLAY LAMENT!!!!!"

  11. @STEPHANIE: I hate to beat a dead horse/resurrect the drummer debate, but "the current lineup" simply could NOT pull that song off live. It's all drum machine on the album, very busy, and quite difficult to play...right up Boris' alley. It's only been done a few times, but I think Boris pulled it off amazingly well. It was played a couple times in 1983...I can't remember if the live drummer was Andy Anderson or Steven Goulding (anyone?) but I would love to hear how the drums were done. I used to have a boot of a couple of those shows, but they are long since gone...

  12. Hey Gary, stop beating that dead horse ...

  13. Steven Goulding as far as I know never played a show with The Cure.
    (Though I do rate Andy The Cure's 2nd best drummer).

  14. sais un des video le plus mal filmee que jai vue !!!

  15. Hey, Stephanie - I have always thought that THE CURE should have an audience vote for two or three songs that could be played at the concert. It could be as simple as an online vote via a password given at the point of ticket purchase.

    After you purchase the tickets you can go online and plug in the pwd and vote for what you'd like them to play.

    Love Lament. Would love to hear it live regardless of the drummer - Boris, Jason, Echo, etc...

  16. I got this boot a week after the show at Bleaker Bobs in Los Angeles, I did not know they played that many songs I do not have four of them.

  17. okay, unrelated to anything but

    i would just like to mention that it has officially been way too long since the cure has played a show.
    over fourteen months of absence from live performances?
    tooooooo long.

  18. I have those 1983 bootlegs with Lament on them. I prefer Boris' version over Andy's.
    Also, the sound of Boris' drumset is amazing.

  19. @ Richard I had an mp3 way back that was just labeled "The Cure- Soundcheck Bath 83" and it was simply a long instrumental. Do you have anything like that on your boots? It sounded like a variation on Siamese Twins, but aside from the bass line everything played different parts. I was never sure if it was a legit mp3 as it was an instrumental. And I've since lost the mp3...

  20. As soon as I have my PC fixed, I will check if I have that.
    Anyway, I remember that Andy had a very hard time playing Siamese Twins as it seems that he forgot the drum pattern of it. Eventually the band got to manage and play around that weird beat played by Andy.
    Maybe that was what you had as Bath Soundcheck 1983... it really doesn't sound like Siamese Twins except for the bass...

  21. @J

    ive the full moles club gig (bath 83)boot (without the soundcheck) and they do play siamese twins so it might be - if you want a copy of lemme know

  22. Dear Craig - Here is something special just for you: Matt Smith & Orbital Perform “Doctor Who” Theme at Glastonbury 2010

    Holy Cats!

  23. Thank you, Kate! How great is that? Too bad Matt didn't wear his Big Bang fez for it. : )

  24. Cheers, Craig!

    I already really liked Matt Smith. Now that I know he is also musically-inclined, I just adore him. :)

  25. One of my favorite boots by the Cure. Some errors sure but played with passion!

  26. I never cared for Japanese Whispers, it's probably one of my least played Cure albums...but Lament is awesome! I like this live version more than the studio recording, though they both sound very similar.

  27. Love the sound quality on these vids...anyone know where I can get a copy of this show with this sound quality ?

    Thanks in advance

  28. Keith: Lane used the Never Enough bootleg CD for the audio on the clips. Just posted a download link for it on the front page.