Friday, June 11, 2010

Cure in Rock Band 3, too

Update: Some footage of 'Just Like Heaven' in this trailer.

Last week we found out that 'Fascination Street' will be in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and now word comes that 'Just Like Heaven' will be included in Rock Band 3. This will also be the first game to include keyboard parts, so here's your chance to be a virtual Roger or Lol. : ) Check out the demo video here.


  1. I must be old, these guys look like retards... Whatever happened to actually playing music?

    I'll get off my soapbox now.


  2. Rumour has it (or maybe the video explained, I didn't watch it) that this is to be the first Rock Band game that uses actual stringed guitars. There's supposedly also a mode where actual music notation is used instead of colourful blocks. Between these two things, the instant complaint of 'it isn't real!' may be lessened a bit.

    That aside, I play video games like this with my friends, and play various instruments in a 'real life' band as well, and I've never understood the fuss that other musicians have made over a simple way for friends to get together and have fun. The only side effect I've noticed from playing the games was becoming a better drummer, and being better at hammer-ons with guitar.

    Ok, that's my turn on the soapbox ;)

  3. Here is a video for 2 Late (Studio Wip Mix)

  4. Cool, finally some Cure!

    I agree Christian, Rockband is fun,bottom line. I also play guitar and keys and find Rockband to just be a fun simplified way of playing along to your favorite tunes. A Bandoke if you will. :)

    And electronic drums are pretty realistic. As the new Keyboard looks to be accurate as well with chords etc. and accurate notes.

    It definitely tunes your ear to the instrument you are "playing".

    Can't wait! Just don't take it too seriously people. Do you take Karoke that seriously? Have fun.

  5. we need a guitar hero for JUST the cure though.

    because no one would look cooler as a cartoon than porl and robert, really.

  6. I'm getting bored of the "it's not like your really playing music" argument lobbed at games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. (Playing Rock Band actually inspired my wife and I to take drum lessons.) Also, I've been skateboarding for 25 years and I don't begrudge non-skaters who like to play Tony Hawk's videogames.

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  8. I was actually going to pre-order the first Rock Band, but thought I could buy a real (beginner) guitar for that price, and that's what i did, it has been three years and I am hooked on real guitar, I have Cure videos and my own music here, I got so caught up in playing the real thing I bought a Schecter Ultracure, so I actually in a wierd way owe it to Rock Band ( I have never actually played the game)