Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Disintegration DD available in NA

A reminder that the Disintegration Deluxe set, single CD, and individual tracks are now available as Digital Downloads in North America - Amazon US (set) $18.99, iTunes (set) $19.99, Amazon US (single CD) - $9.99, iTunes (single CD) - $9.99.


  1. had to do a bit of a search to find it on itunes...shows released in 1989. was hoping it would be advertised frontpage...oh well. still sounds great!

  2. Did it come with a booklet or anything? I know the UK version has one, but don't see it listed for the US.

  3. Speaking of iTunes, do we think that the 'Alternative Ratities' and live stuff from Dallas is the same as the iTunes only album announced by Robert earlier this year, or is this something different? I'm obviously hoping for something new (old?) we haven't heard before!

  4. I think the iTunes exclusive will be something different. Or at least slightly different. Or more complete.

  5. I already payed through the nose to get Disintegration and the promo EP from Rhino. I'm not going to pay again to download it.

    The Dallas show and Alternative Rarities will hold me over until my CDs arrive.

  6. @Craig full dallas show maybe?

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  8. ENTREAT: Lost Wishes and Lost Flowers will be included on the Wish and Bloodflowers remastered CDs.

    Lindsey: There are plans for it.

  9. :)

    also, finally got my thecuredisintegration.com email registration to work

  10. "Lost Wishes and Lost Flowers will be included on the Wish and Bloodflowers remastered CDs."

    That makes me so happy to hear that officially...errr semi-officially...errr however level of official is correct, I suppose. :)

  11. Craig - You just let a cat out of the bag, methinks!
    Now you'll have to tell us if they're (Wish and Blooflowers remasters) coming out this year to keep us quiet.. :p

  12. @notherbob: Blooflowers - too funny!!!!! :)

  13. Todd: The Lost Wishes info is official, as Robert has stated that in an interview. The Lost Flowers info is simply an educated guess. : )

    notherbob: No cat let out of any bag. They have always stated that the remastering program would cover everything through Bloodflowers. Though no one imagined it would take this long to get them out. I would seriously doubt you'd see Wish this year, and no chance of BF this year. The next remaster is supposed to be Mixed Up.

  14. @ Kate - Oh bollocks!! HAHa.. You guys knew what I meant!.. :p

    @ Craig - I know what's going on..
    Just stirring the pot.. :)
    If everyone is in a flap about Disintegration now, just imagine what it's going to be like in the lead up to Wish.. it'll be pandemonium.
    I'd be ducking and covering when that time comes, Craig haha!

  15. As an afterthought.. I had no idea Disintegration was such a big girl!


    Oh forget it!..:p

  16. Craig, 2 options for buying the Disintegration Deluxe set in Mexico City.

    An indie recordshop, Fine Pop:


    $300 Mexican Pesos (22.50 US Dlls.)

    Street Date: 1st week of June

    The Largest recordstore chain in Mexico, Mixup:


    $729 Mexican Pesos (55.3 US Dlls)

    Street Date 11 June 2010

    This one is too expensive.

    Both says they have the UK Edition.


  17. Thank you, Mad Bob, I will add them to the list. : )

  18. You´re welcome Craig.

    Thanks for adding the links.

    Well, i hope the cd will have decent sells here.

    I´m spreading the word here as wide as i can.

    Can´t wait to have my cds !!!!


  19. I hope that if Robert does intend to release either Dallas or a more thorough Wembley set, that he certainly re-evaluates how he mixed Entreat Plus. God, he took a beautiful sounding record and ruined it.
    We know he can do better, that is what makes it so confounding. There is no way he could have thought this was a good mix, especially in comparison to the original Entreat.