Monday, February 22, 2010

Cure Covers

Reflectionsmeet have covered A Night Like This. (Thanks Phil)

"Kill Hannah covered "Just Like Heaven" at their annual show, New Heart For Xmas." (Thanks notdeadyet)

JES covers Lovesong. Here's the video, and you can get the 8 track EP at Amazon and iTunes. You can also read an article about it, with Robert's comment on the song, here.
(Thanks AndrewV127, Justin, Andy, Monghi, and Heron)


  1. i love how Robert's comments on the song are all in caps! hahaha

    better than 311's version, but that's not saying much, is it?

  2. Wow, I actually like it. Headed to iTunes in a bit. Never heard of JES before. Am I missing out?

  3. @ashtraygirl i saw the same thing and started laughing!

    and yeah i had heard the JES cover before. i don't hate it, but it's not really something i would turn on and listen to.

  4. I did some searching and JES has done A LOT of trance/dance vocals for people like TIESTO, etc... That's why her voice sounds so familiar to me.

  5. Not a fan of any of them tbh...

    Robert's ALL CAPS comment made my day though XD

  6. haha aww the CAPS LOCK IS SO ENDEARING... it's like he's always shouting x]