Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost Alice listening parties

Not sure why I'm posting about this, but just in case some of you are interested, Hot Topic will be hosting Almost Alice listening parties this Friday, Feb. 26th at 7pm.


  1. Are there actually people interested in this album release?

    I was planning to pick it up at Best Buy because I have a gift card, but I was worried that they might not stock it.

    I don't think this would even be on my radar screen if Robert wasn't on it.

  2. Behold the power of a record company actually marketing something...

    Hot Topic = teenage "alt" culture shop*

    Listening party at Hot Topic = record is required listening as part of teenage "alt" culture.

    An appreciable amount of people will be interested in it, because they're told to be interested in it.

    See: Underworld soundtrack.

    *to anyone who takes offense to that, i apologize, but i don't think i'm wrong, either.

  3. Yeah, I doubt I'd have heard of this if Robert wasn't on it. CoF is the only place I've seen anything about it, I think.

  4. eep... thanks, but no thanks x] Hot Topic sucks :P