Friday, February 19, 2010

Official site update

There's a small update at A graphic promoting the Almost Alice soundtrack and website, and the 30 second preview clip. But you can hear the entire song at Stereogum.


  1. A day with a Cure official site update is always a good day! Woohoo!


  3. Craig,
    This doesn't pertain to the Cure (well not directly), but proof that absolutely anything is possible. At the Royal Albert Hall benefit concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust that Depeche Mode played a few nights ago, Alan Wilder took the stage with Martin Gore to perform Somebody. The first time toget in over 16 years. If that could happen, who knows what's next...! (Roger and Boris return..? lol... we could only wish)


  4. AA: Yeah, saw that. What a great moment! Before it all ends, it wouldn't shock me to see some ex-Cures play with the band again.

  5. is the band in Costa Rica? and if so. why?

  6. Can anyone tell me from where I can get this amazing interview footage?

    I haven't learned so much from a Cure interview in years.

    "Songs like 'Pictures of You' and 'Last Dance' are more [about] obsession and fixation. They're not really love. It's not love like in 'Love Song'. 'Love Song''s the only one that actually sort of is about the love that exists between two people in a real way. All the other songs aren't. They're actually about the lack of love, if anything."

    Wow, I never really thought about it and my tendency to express my mood in song in that way.

    If there's a purchasable DVD from where this high quality footage comes, what is it, please?

  7. Boris has already re-joined The Cure once in 2001 for some Acoustic sessions. There was a time during the self titled recordings where Boris and Porl were present albeit, perhaps not at the same time.

    I really wish someone, maybe Roger as he did with Disintegration, do a write-up of the 2004 sessions. It seemed like such an anarchic time for the band. So many unanswered questions.