Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photos from the Wien Film Festival

Here are some very nice photos from the Wien Film Festival showing of The Cure Live in Paris 08 on July 7th, 2009.
(Thanks Thomas)


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  2. Really nice pictures indeed!Thank you!

  3. how beautiful to watch the concert film in front of that cathedral (?)

  4. That's City Hall isn't it Thomas?I seem to remember going there for a charity ball about 15 years ago.Vienna is a(small) but very cool city.

  5. Another Curespotting

    My comment on this:
    I do like some of the Killers' music, but the idea of Robert Smith turning up to "pay homage" to Brandon Flowers makes me gnash my teeth and want to hit someone. Preferably the "journalist" who turned that abominable phrase.

  6. Off topic, but I can't find any of The Cure's MTV Unplugged videos on All my saved links to videos were removed. Does this mean that either The Cure or MTV are planning a release? That version of Boys Don't Cry is my favorite!

  7. random comment
    faith cover by NADJA on the newest cd of theirs . check it out fucking asmazing :)

  8. Robert Smith should do more solo acoustic stuff:

  9. ah good man mr muldfeld.. i remeber this version from the wwish tour shows.. forgot all about it ,...need to dig out those old tapes

  10. More Curespottings

    Roger disses Robert on Twentyfourbit

    the source interview

    A mention in a bit about Reeves Gabrel