Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Like Heaven digital 45 on iTunes

"Not exactly new, but iTunes has a new feature called Digital 45 and they have the Cure’s Just Like Heaven/Breathe single with the original art for $1.99. It included a digital booklet also. Front and back of single and front and back of juke book 45."
(Thanks Chance)


  1. Oooh, I could be convinced for the artwork!

  2. Ha! Just checked iTunes, and they misspelled the b-side!

  3. You can just rename those songs in your library as from that album ("Just Like Heaven / Breathe [Digital 45]") and then search for artwork to get that downloaded. You shouldn't have to buy it all over again. That's what I did with the 4:13 singles, which for some reason iTunes has separate covers for all the b-sides.

  4. But then again this does come with a digital booklet (I didn't catch that right away) and the JLH mix seems to be different from anything else on iTunes. Nevermind me!