Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"Trust is being used on BBC audioshow about London in the recession." (Thanks Darren)

Steve Severin talks to Record Collector, and mentions Robert's time as a Banshee. (Thanks JC)

"Last night's episode of "Entourage," entitled "Drive," featured Close to Me early in the show." (Thanks Kate)

Lol endorses Storm Music Studio. (Thanks Andrew)

"Black Book Mag mentions the Playboy acoustic series, debuting with Dinosaur Jr. playing their version of Just Like Heaven and mentioning "their affinity for Robert Smith"." (Thanks Heron)

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  1. Dodgy Curespot for you craig. BBC1's new panel quiz show "As seen on TV" played a bit of BDC over footage of contestants crying on the Joseph talent contest before a bunch of questions! A bit of a sad use of the classic methinks!
    (8.30 tonight)