Monday, July 20, 2009

New interview with Roger

Side-line has a new interview with Roger, and Twentyfourbit offers their take on it. (Thanks Monghi and Kate)

Come on, Roger, you know you're just dying to "goth out". : P

Update: Side-line also catches up with the news about the possible split with Universal, the Live in Paris broadcast, and the JLH digital 45. (Thanks Mad Bob)


  1. Roger's a bit of a snob, he won't let you even request him as a friend on FB..

  2. Roger still seems very bitter about his last few months in the bands. I have heard so many great things about him as a person but when it comes to mentioning The Cure he kinda goes snobbish.

  3. mmm.. would really love to know what went on there, Jeff Apter only gives you limited info in his book. Is he still in his band?

  4. Roger's interview prompted a German music news website to put up an article under the headline "Ex-keyborder dissing Robert Smith" which can be found here:

    It also says that 4:13 Dream only sold 150,000 copies worldwide, mentions the rumour of the band having left Universal, and contains some "information" on the Paris Bercy video, they say it can be ordered by TV-stations only as a 60- or 90-minute film and that nothing is known about a possible DVD release.

    It's a bit sad really that The Cure as well as Roger only get in the news for him still being bitter about his time in the band.

  5. one might be bitter if one were unceremoniously kicked out of a band. can't say i blame him.
    anyone who cant see how controlling robert is of his environment is quite blind.
    if i had to be involved with that crap self-titled album, i'd be a little less than enthused as well.

    that being said, i love this line-up and i love 4:13 dream and i think roger is better off doing whatever he wants creatively.

  6. I have chatted to Roger briefly and he seemed very genuine and enthusiastic, but I think its unecessary for him to mention the split really, its kind of unsporting to be so bitter in public, they are private matters really. And no I am not a blind Robert supporter, but there are always two sides to every story and the whole discussing it to the media thing misses that point, if i was Roger I would refuse to discuss it any further, take the Perry route.

    And the self titled album has some great material on it......way better than a certain album beginning with W anyway! ; )

  7. "And the self titled album has some great material on it......way better than a certain album beginning with W anyway! ; )"

    we couldn't disagree more!

  8. I agree, sofia.
    The self titled album is the worst ever. No wonder if they had such a bad time recording it..

    Roger is cool. The fact that he listens to "Efterklang" makes him brilliant ;)
    Not many people even here in Denmark know this band (I do!)

  9. that's super cool that he and alan wilder are friends. :)

    i read it as moog voyeur (oops) instead of voyager on the second interview!

  10. stm70,
    my boyfriend loves efterklang!

  11. well thats the great thing about being a cure fan eh, we all have fave moments.