Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Curse celebrates 30 years of The Cure

Set 1 - Out Of This World, 10:15 Saturday Night, Play For Today, The Walk, The Caterpillar, In Between Days, The Exploding Boy, 2 Late, Club America, The Real Snow White, The Only One, Wrong Number, A Foolish Arrangement, Open, Friday I'm In Love, The End Of The World, Three Imaginary Boys
Set 2 - Underneath The Stars, The Reasons Why, Close To Me, Catch, A Letter To Elise, Lovesong, The Perfect Boy, Let's Go To Bed, The Lovecats, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Boys Don't Cry, Just Like Heaven, Killing An Arab, Shiver And Shake, It's Over
Encore 1 - All Cats Are Grey, Cold, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Disintegration
Encore 2 - A Forest. (Thanks Brian, Andy, and Carl)
Photos (Thanks Debi)

More info at (Thanks Brian)


  1. I don't agree with Jason being in the bottom 3 with Lol and Matthieu!

  2. Nor do i with the "High" logo at number 1!!

  3. Can't you come and play Camden? W.Hollywood's a bit far for me!

  4. Can't wait!!! I am not a fan of cover bands, but they are really good

  5. *Please don't shoot me images were placed randomly, I didn't want to favor anyone lol.

  6. Glad to see someone is celebrating the 30th anniversary

  7. True...30 years celebration would have been nice, as well as 20 years of Disintegration...a remastered cd would have felt just right i think....maybe it's coming, just maybe :)

  8. "WISH" I could be there..... hugs to all my Cure peeps lucky enough to be going


    LOLOL miss!

  10. I wish I could be there too with all the CoF peeps and Cure fans! :D Have a great time everyone!

  11. Hey guys just want to say that we are very
    excited about tomorrows show. Last night we finished up with rehearsals and we are definitely (unless something not under our control happens) performing more than 30 songs. Were trying our best to honor peoples requests while at the same time making sure we include something from every album The Cure has released. We look forward to see all our friends from the 4Tour and all the people who regularly come to our shows. Thanks again to everyone for all your support over the years and we hope you understand that we are a tribute band in the truest sense of the word and for us tomorrow night is to honor The Cure and the 30 Imaginary Years that they've given us.

    The Curse

  12. What a fun time we will have, see you there!

  13. amazing show! had a blast, loved it. and i hope the CoF peeps present also enjoyed it. Thank you The Curse and of course THE CURE!

  14. POST PICS ANDY! or make whoever TOOK the pics POST THEM!!

    i want to see the pics of fuji throwing sara onto the stage during jset!!

  15. WOW!!! EXCELLENT SHOW LAST NIGHT!!!! Thanks to The Curse for a wonderful night!!!! It was soooo much fun and an excellent set list. Exploding Boy, Shiver & Shake, 2-Late, Cold, Open, just to name a few ~ oh and also my favorite Out Of This World (YEAH!!!).

    Thanks again guys and I CAN'T wait for your October show!!!! BIG SMILES!!!!

    ChristinaP, both Sara and Andy got thrown off the stage... ;)

  16. pics maggie!! PICS!!!!

    i really wish i would have gone - but i am so freakin broke from coachella, vegas, and LA. plus i have to save up for the next cure tour! but what are the dates/locations for the october show for the curse? maybe if i do some discreet planning - i can pull that one off!

  17. Thanks to all who came out. The October date we're shooting for is The 17th. We'll see what happens with it. It will be a Prayer tour set and all of Disintegration will be performed throughout the night.

    Here's the set(s) from last night:

    Set 1
    01-Out Of This World
    02-10:15 Saturday Night
    03-Play For Today
    04-The Walk
    05-The Caterpillar
    06-In Between Days
    07-The Exploding Boy
    08-2 Late
    09-Club America
    10-The Real Snow White
    11-The Only One
    12-Wrong Number
    13-A Foolish Arrangement
    15-Friday I'm In Love
    16-The End Of The World
    17-Three Imaginary Boys

    Set 2
    18-Underneath The Stars
    19-The Reasons Why
    20-Close To Me
    22-A Letter To Elise
    24-The Perfect Boy
    25-Let's Go To Bed
    26-The Lovecats
    27-Jumping Someone Else's Train
    28-Boys Don't Cry
    29-Just Like Heaven
    30-Killing An Arab
    31-Shiver And Shake
    32-It's Over

    Encore 1
    33-All Cats Are Grey
    35-Deep Green Sea

    Encore 2
    37-A Forest

  18. - Cedric aka thedr9wningman from theXplodingboys (Portland, OR Cure tribute) sings on Close to Me as a surprise appearance - guitarist Peter Lobo accompanies Carlos on keys during Close to Me. (yes, I noticed. ;) )

  19. Excellent show! I will have pics soon, but need to edit. They are really of the band. The pics of Sara on stage were blurry (very dark venue and I don't use flash). Wish everyone could have been there.

  20. how funny they play a more varied set than the actual band '2 late' whooo hooooo

  21. Here's a link to some pics. My priorities were singing, dancing and drinking (lighting was crap), so they aren't the best. I would have taken some of more people, but we got there right before they went on.

  22. Yeah that's one hell of a setlist. However, it must be said that even a tribute band can't seem to shake the shit that is Wrong Number.

  23. i think for the tracklist the curse playing better songs like the cure in the last tour

  24. OMG - I am just so gobsmacked that A Letter to Elise was played "for me". eeeeeeep

  25. Oh elise you deserve it!


  26. Thanks, Alastair :) It matters what you say!!!

  27. Thanks for posting vids & pix. And thanks to Craig for putting the info on the main COF page!