Monday, June 15, 2009

More from the CoF audio archives

Happy 13th Birthday to/from CoF.
Robert on BBC 5 Live (Sept. 30th, 2004)
Robert on BBC 6Music (Sept. 2nd, 2004)
Robert on Live 105 (Sept. 2004)
Robert on 107.7 The End (July 13th, 2004)
Robert on 91X (July 2004)
Robert & Ross on Head on the Cure radio (June 5th, 2004)
Robert on BBC Radio 1 (May 26th, 2004)
Robert on KROQ (recorded April 30th, 2004)
Robert on France Inter (Jan. 22nd, 2004)
KROQ Inland Invasion Cure party stories (Sept. 2003)
Robert on KROQ (Aug. 18th, 2003)
Robert's Vieilles Charrues press conference (July 20th, 2002)
History of New Rock (Edge 102 - June 2002)
Robert on XFM's Highjack (aired Dec. 2nd, 2001)
The Cure on the Simon Mayo Show (BBC2 - Nov. 26th, 2001)
The Cure live acoustic session (with Boris) on Europe 2 (Nov. 23rd, 2001) - Cut Here, Mint Car, Lovecats, Boys Don't Cry, Friday I'm In Love, Why Can't I Be You?
Robert on KDGE - Part 1 / Part 2 (Nov. 16th, 2001)
The Cure on XFM (Nov. 13th, 2001)
The Cure on The Janice Long Show (BBC2 - Nov. 12th, 2001)
Robert on Couleur 3 (Nov. 12th, 2001)
Robert on Channel 104.9 (aired Nov. 10th, 2001)
Robert on KENZ (Oct. 23rd, 2001)
Robert on The Zone (Oct. 16th, 2001)
Robert on WOXY (Oct. 16th, 2001)
Robert on AOL Music Station (Oct. 2001)
Robert playing DJ on Triple J radio (Oct. 14th, 2000)
Robert on KROQ (Feb. 19th, 2000)
Robert Talks About (Sept. 1997)


  1. Craig - thanks heaps for these blasts from the past. I can't wait to get home so I can have a listen.

  2. *trying to breathe*


    *waves to elisey*

  3. Thank you so much for this brilliant idea, dig in the trunk of old COF audio memories.

    It´s very nice re-living all this audios.

    Maybe i´m wrong, but i remember that in the old Audio COF page the most of the audios were unavailable, so this is great.

    Hope, maybe, you´ll be able to give us more surprises...

    Thanks Craig.


  4. love how could be integrated with iTunes. Example:

  5. Completely off topic, sorry - but was there any truth to the rumour from Saturday the 6th's post of the group breaking it off with Geffen/Interscope labels? Craig? Any light on the subject?

  6. Nothing confirmed. Only rumors and speculation.

  7. lol Can't understand a word he's saying

  8. Okay, ta for that. thekissxx - was that comment directed at me?

  9. craig , cheers , cool of you to do this .. are these downloadable at all? if so how please?? if not ..why not?
    thanks :)

  10. ahhh i m a fuckin nob lol sorry ,, i see the wee button now :) lol cheers yay

  11. Thanks! I have never heard these!
    I'm recording all of them!

  12. Does anyone knoe a free converter to convert ram files to mp3?
    I know I can by it for 19.50$, but it would be a little too expensive, 'cause I need to covert only two tracks!

    It's awesome idea to post some gems from your archive collection, Craig! Just wonderful!

  13. DBpoweramp converter is good, not sure i think you can get a free trial. =]

  14. Thank you very much for these Craig.. I've been looking for some of them all around and no sign until today...

  15. Wow, thanks for sharing! Is there a special occasion, Craig? :)

  16. i hve the loveline 1992 interview on mp3...don;t have a place to host them if anyone wants to volunteer i can send to them...if someone has already posted it somewhere here than sorry for the redundancy...

  17. craig, i love you.
    (not in the biblical sense. you know what i mean.)
    thank you!!!

  18. Thank You very much for the acoustic Europe 2 Radio program, especially Cut Here...the best Cure song ever written!

  19. No problem, guys. It's about time I put some of this stuff up again. There's more to come.

    Kate: Yes, yesterday was CoF's 13th birthday. But V was the only one who remembered. : P

    Z: Why are you recording them? They are available for download.

  20. Craig: CoF is a teenager now - look out! :P

  21. Hi, Craig! Sorry I missed CoF's birthday - we have been on vacation celebrating our birthdays! :P

    Cheers to Cof!

  22. Happy Birthday COF,
    Nice job on keeping us all up on The Cure!


    Jerry - Imaginary Cure!~

  23. Happy Birthday to my favorite site, evar and congratulations to you on 13 years of keeping us Cure fans connected.

  24. Happy birthday, Kate & Joel!

  25. V: What about poor Joel? : )

  26. Craig: Oh, fine! :)

    Kate: Happy Birthday to Joel, too! :) Sorry.

    Craig: Better? :)

  27. V: Yes! : )

    Actually, I hope I'm reading Kate's message the right way. I think she's saying it was both of their birthdays. If not, then just consider it an early/late birthday greeting, Joel. : )

  28. happy birthday...everyone!

    no one remembered my *deep breath* 31st birthday. but that's alright. 31 is a no good prospect anyhow.

    but especially happy birthday to COF! to another 13 years and beyond!

  29. Happy Birthday COF.

    (introspective sigh) I remember when it was just a wee toddler...How fast they grow.

    Thanks for everything you do for us!

  30. Thanks so much, especially for the WOXY clip. Still the FUTURE OF ROCK AND ROLL, and still the best radio station on the planet.

  31. happy belated 13th COF!!

    and happy belated birthday to you sofia, i cant believe i forgot *head to keyboard*

    (loving room huuugss)

  32. ;) tsk. awws. thanks, you guys.

    ml68, man you brought back memorieeees!
    i just found my house t-shirt the other day, too! who else has one of those? it was the most boring promo shirt but i just had to have it.
    i also still have pages printed out of robert's prawns recipe and his mum's summer dressing.

  33. i don't know how the internet wayback machine works, but can you still access the old site pages or is it gone forever?(!)

  34. Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful gift as always that you give to us Craig!! Thank you again!

  35. <333 I've been with you for Nine of them, Happy Anniversary!!!

  36. Happy Birthday, COF, Sofia, Kate and Joel.

    I cannot imagine my life without all of you in it.... and it is not just cos with you all in it, I seem just little bit 'more' normal to all my 'real life' friends.

    Hugs for everyone!

  37. Happy belated birthday COF! I think I'll do a new Cure cover tomorrow to commemorate/because-I-need-to haha! I'm thinking I'll do The Blood! This could be interesting, especially with Porl's solo on that one ;)

  38. Hi Cure friends...


    And to Sofia, Kate and Joel as well.

    I´m happy for being, - at least i wanna think i´m part of - member of COF Community.

    Since late 1997 when i discovered COF, it has been my #1 CURE site.

    As a matter of fact, COF is the first page i check every time i´m online....because it´s my home page.

    For me, it has been as a CURE fan, a big achivement to contribute (very poorly indeed )sometimes with Craig´s work.

    And i can´t forget what i felt when i saw for very first time, my name in the COF´s front page.

    Priceless moment.

    It´s more than amazing to be among other fans that feels the same that you.

    And maybe most of you know it, but i don´t, but Craig, i would like to know how came to you the idea of making a CURE info web.

    What inspired you ?

    For sure, it´s tale to be told...

    Returning to the main subject, i wish the best to COF, Craig and to the fans (us).

    Long live ¡¡¡

    Only left to say:

    Craig, thank you so much for all that you´ve done for CURE fans.

    You´re the best ¡¡¡



  39. DOOD! is it someone's freaking birthday or something... wait for it... Oh Snap! It's MY birthday today!
    SO AWESOME, thank you Craig to the 100th power infinity times a million!
    Joe of Hannah

  40. Sofia: Yes, many of the old Cure pages are still accessible through the Wayback Machine. Just type in, and you'll find pages from the various sites.

    Happy Birthday, Joe of Hannah!

  41. Happy Birthday to CoF

    I love this site!

    Many thanks to Craig! And everyone that chats here!

  42. Many thanks to Andy for converting that rm file.

    You just saved me again, thanks!

    And for the help with The Blood video too - thanks Andy!

  43. Thank you, Craig, V, Sofia, Elise and Mad Bob!

    (Yes, we both have June birthdays - Craig is so clever! :)

    And Happy Birthday to Sofia and Eisonhawk.

  44. @ Z:

    you don't need to record them, just download them ;-)

    saves a lot of work!

  45. Spaeking of birthdays, I have June too ;-) upcoming ;)

  46. Lots of June birthdays, mine is the 22nd!

    Happy birthday to everyone!

  47. And thanks Craig for those archives gems...always nice to go back in time and see what direction the band took after the "it's the last album/gig we're ever going to do" threat by RS..

  48. Thanks Craig. these are great. makes me miss the bloodflowers tour!

  49. happy birthday all the june babies!! geez, whatre peeps doing in september/october??! JK JK

    joe - so your eisonhawk, i was wondering who that person on myspace was for months! haha

    madbob - you always have the best things to say :)

  50. Happy belated birthday to everyone who was born in june!

    And I just can't believe - COF's 13 birthday?! The time really flies! O_o
    Anyway, I hope for another 13 happy COF years - I read it from 2002 almost everyday!

  51. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much Craig!

  52. The Figurehead wrote:

    Lots of June birthdays, mine is the 22nd!

    Happy birthday to everyone!


    I know you now, you are the Emily, I saw you playing guitar on youtube, I loved Push!

    And my birthday is just 1 day before you Emily, on 21st June ;-)

    I have my own theory on that, lots of June birthdays here because Cure fans are very sensitive people, and what Zodiac signs are told to be most sensitive? Gemini and Cancers ;-)

    It's true! Known from experience!

    Happy birthdays everyone

  53. No need to say, I loved your work E. ;-)

  54. thanks djscribbles ;-)

    btw- I just recently saw your picture on your Flickr (why does this say "Away for EVER??), in your 60's outfit - great !

  55. oh no figurehead, shes outed us! *hides behind sofa*

    lovecat - im on hiatus from flickr thanks to school, now thats done, im gonna be uploading again :)

    and you have your bday on RCMH anniversary, sweeeet!

  56. @ DJ scribbles:

    Haha ,thanks, I used to think that that Forever was a birthday gift from Cure ;-) although that day I was faaar faaar away from the place where they played and I think it was already 22nd June here in Europe ;-)

    Very sweet picture DJ!

  57. just downloaded the live105 one. the interview is with davey havok of AFI, i didn't expect that.

  58. Here's the 3 imaginary boys cover version that -eLaMoRTe- (The Question) recorded about 10 years ago for a latin american Cure tribute album.