Monday, March 23, 2009

The Pearl is sold out

Looks like The Pearl in Las Vegas is sold out. (Thanks David)


  1. Ok, Craig should we petition for a rarities b-side show since it will be hardcore Cure fans coming worldwide for this show opposed to a greatest hit show? They can do the singles at coachella..

  2. Yes, it seems to have been close to selling out for a while, now. I could only pull up "obstructed view" seats sometimes.


  3. you have my vote for the "rarities b-side, no greatest hits" show. and maybe some new songs off the "dark album"

  4. I keep hoping that Robert is going to get it in him to make the Vegas show one hell of a good show.

    This will be his last Cure-Only concert before his big birthday. So I keep on daydreaming that he pulls out all the stops and puts together a playlist that'll just blow our mind.

  5. I guess my comment (posted on myspace and have people thinking a rarities show only. I know that is far fetched. What I meant was a few rare gems we do not get to hear live often. The rest of the show, they can just rock out, and play dark moody tunes. Less "Idiot Pop".

  6. Hi Melting Man and Carnage Visors.: for example, I totally agree with your setlist. Here's the thing about the Cure, they has mistaken that there is pop in they'r future. Robert cares more about pop than depression. That's his perogative but his pop audience is kind of dumber than the depressed rest of us. I'm sorry that I had to be the one for which blunt things which must be spelled out for to tell you for. There I said it. Now that I hope that I am happy?

  7. Paul K
    The thirteenth studio album by The Cure was originally intended to be a double album, however this idea was scrapped, despite the fact that 33 songs have been recorded. Robert Smith attested that the album would mostly comprise the upbeat songs the band recorded, while the darker songs may be released on another album.

    I think some of the unreleased songs from the darker album may make their debut at the Vegas show

  8. "That's his perogative but his pop audience is kind of dumber than the depressed rest of us."

    How so? Or maybe an unwise choice of words..i'll give you the benefit of the doubt...

    We all like the band in our own way but you can't take the pop out of the gloom and vice versa when it comes to them live..

  9. I'm hoping for very dark stuff and b-sides as well. I certainly can do without hearing Just Like Heaven, Lovesong, and that ilk.

    Break me with an overly emotional version of Faith!

  10. i groove on both their pop and dark stuff. they obviously try very hard to put on a balanced show. my prediction is that the pearl will see much the same setlist as the o2, with a few surprises like a faith encore.

  11. This prob set a modern record on time to sell out a theatre for the cure....

    Don't get your hopes up for the set, it's a warmup for coachella, so 2hrs will be that casual crowd friendly set. Troubadour wasn't very dark either...

  12. yeah in my above post I was kind trying to be like "funny". Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.
    Anyway. The Vegas show will be killer.

  13. I was actually kind of less dissapointed I'd missed the Troubadour show when I saw the set list the next morning. The crowd there was totally hardcore why was the set list so pop?

  14. Possibly because they decide on the setlist before seeing the audience?

  15. melting man, you left out HEY YOU!!!!

  16. i vote fr a set of glam covers from 1976 ..porls influence will overtake , there will be red glitter everywhere

  17. Paul K,
    your first post screwed with my brain.


  18. Ayup.. Won't be a dark set. It may lean that way, but given there aren't any other shows.. they'll need to test out a few crowd pleasers.

    Using the formula for the 02 show, Robert did seem intent on introducing songs that hadn't been played in the area before.

    Given that Las Vegas had no shows on the last tour, you can probably expect a pretty standard 4Tour setlist. Not that that's a bad thing!

    Coachella on the other hand, may have a few gems tossed in. Most of, if not all, the 4Tour songs were played in the SoCal area on that tour. I think Charlotte Somtimes, Want, and umm.. Faith encore were the only things that stick in my mind as being missed.

    Based on the formula, the Coachella set might be hit friendly, (Charlotte was a semi-radio hit here in CA) then Faith encore, then 3 Imaginary Boys encore (so the fans get to leave on a hit note with Killing Another).

  19. Cool, I hope the Vegas peeps get a dark show but I'm sure it will be a mix of both. But this would be a great opportunity for them to change it up and play a doom & gloom set! Save the pop stuff for Coachella!

    With so many Hard Core Cure Fans in attendance, I can't see why they wouldn't play the darker stuff but I'm sure Robert will play what he wants to including the pop tunes.

    Really, Robert should do something special to celebrate 30 years of the Cure & his 50th. Can't wait to see what they will play. No matter what, Have fun to all who are going!!!

  20. I've still got an extra floor ticket for the Pearl at face value if anybody needs one -

  21. It's Robert's Birthday Party in Vegas so it'll be pop pop party hits non stop! Why should he play gloomy tunes to celebrate his half century! (haha!)

    Or they'll play the set RS said they rehearsed for O2 - two songs one light one dark off each album - then he'll do the silly pop songs encore to get the party going. But the main set will finish with Faith!

  22. Sara! LOL - I'd love to see Porl pick up a sax for Hey You. :)

    Robert but not The Robert.....I like how you think. That sounds PERFECT. I ached when I heard that originally the plan was to play TWO songs from each album at the Big Gig. And the setlist at the O2 was just wonderful. It's like, you know what album is it makes you wonder which song was next on the timeline.


    Also, I love JLH live. It's a classic live Cure song and they play it so well. The crowd always responds too!

    Hmm, a b-side set does sound WONDERFUL as well.

    Ah hell, they can play any set they chose and I'll be happy. I cannot wait for this show!

  23. Not in this order, but this is along the line of what I meant.

    Pictures Of You, Just Like Heaven, Fascination Street, A Night Like This, The Walk, Lament, Just One Kiss, Friday I'm In Love, In Between Days,
    From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Never Enough, Shake Dog Shake, A Strange Day, At Night, The Last Day Of Summer, A Letter To Elise, The Perfect Boy, Sleep When Im Dead, Charlotte Sometimes, Primary, Boys Don't Cry, Killing An Arab, A Forest, Three Imaginary Boys, Jumping Someone Else's Train/Another Journey by Train, The Figurehead, Piggy in the Mirror, The Blood, Prayers for Rain, Disintegration, Want, Bloodflowers, The Real Snow White, It's Over, Freakshow, A Japanese Dream, The Big Hand, Burn, Signal to Noise

    We know they can play a set this long, they have done it in Mexico. I feel it is a fare mix of musical styles.

  24. i bet they play wrong number again lol

    CPG- OMG I WOULD LOVE TO SEE PORL BRING HIS SAX! lets start a petition for porl to bring it!!!

  25. i cant count how many times I've seen//// Pictures Of You, Just Like Heaven, Fascination Street, Friday I'm In Love,
    From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Never Enough, Boys Don't Cry, and all the other's that they have played nearly every show since I've been going to Cure shows.
    The first 10 times were great. 15-20, 25 times of the same songs, I just hope that the band recognizes the fact that this audience will be made up of fans that have been to multiple shows. Robert says that he thinks about festival fans and how they dont want to hear obscure songs so he plays heavy to the pop or radio songs at the festivals. If he cares about the festival crowds who's to say he wont care about the fan crowd. Or will he just use us to prep for a pop setlist for coachella....

  26. hynreckandjoe said...
    Paul K,
    your first post screwed with my brain. Ouch.

    lol. Perhaps he suffered a minor brain injury that day? j/k!


    EXPLODING BOY!!!! That's a great fucking song. Mmmm, labrosones...
    That would be cool if Porl whipped out his brass!

    I can’t imagine them focusing on the gloomy stuff, unless Robert wants a good cry for his birthday? And then who’s going to comfort the poor thing? Hmm?! Hmm?!!

  27. Or they could play Icing Sugar, for the first time EVER. And then Porl could keep his sax out for Give Me It!

    (although porl didn't play sax on the original icing sugar, i have faith that he could do a bang-up job!)

  28. Brandon I agree. That is why I am hoping for a 40 song show. A warm up to Coachella, and treats for us, the passionate fans.

  29. YAY!!! I hope everyone will dance and be merry!!! I will be that's for sure! PLEASE PLEASE everyone! Let's show the band that their American fan base can be just as rowdy (too harsh a word? ^_^;) and fun as their European fans!

  30. OK the Cure books a tiny venue - the Troubadour. Obviously the small group of die-hards who were lucky enough to get in, you know some waited outside all night long, etc. are going to be a very hard-core crowd so why did the band do a totally pop set in such a situation? And why do they keep plugging pop, just a casual glance at comments on websites you hear fans constantly whining to the heavier material. Is it because the hard-cores actually compromise a very small percentage of the concert-going audience but they're the ones frequenting the web sites? I guess so.

  31. Deep Water is probably my favorite Cure song.
    That would be killer if they sprung some new dark album tunes on us in Vegas

  32. Paul K,. I was among the waiting all night for the troubadour show. The setlist was horrible! But its hard to complain when its a Free Cure show at the Troubadour.

  33. Paul K,
    The reason why so many pop at the The Troubador, is that it was a warm up for trendy KROQ, Xmas concert they have every December. It was expected for radio friendly songs for that event. Plus the Troubador was a last minute show and free.

    The Pearl on the other hand, will hopefully be more like an "Evening With The Cure" show, like they did in Mexico back in 04, and 07. Those shows where spectacular. Yes It will be a warm up to Coachella But that festival is different. The last Coachella they played was the premiere of four new songs. We have die hard fans from around the globe that will show up for this event. It has been planned for a couple of months, plenty of time for the band to prepare. You get what you pay for, opposed to a free show. I am sure The Cure will blow us away!

  34. I saw the Cure in Mexico City '07. That was great I was all blown away by a song I'd never heard from them before.. please project, lol, that was the best time I heard that song, subsequent playings received mixed reviews

  35. Craig! I received an e-mail and forwarded it to you.

    and I wanted to add a message to the e-mail but it was too long, so here it is:

    "Wtf Craig?! LOL! Wonder where these guys are basing
    their facts, the shirts are cool. And do you think they
    just mean the Pearl and Coachella?!? I can't imagine
    someone having the upperhand on us hardcore
    fans. :P"

  36. Andy: I wouldn't get your hopes up too high from this, but maybe they ARE going to do some of those rumored European festivals.

  37. I would love to hear something from the dark album, especially A Boy I Never Knew. I imagine they would rather enjoy playing something from that as well.

  38. I totally agree with Brandon. I haven't been to nearly as many shows as he has, but I have to admit some of the setlists in the recent past have become rather monotonous. IMHO some of the very best setlists were featured during the 2000 Dream Tour, most likely because it was supposed to be the last. This would suggest that if The Cure treated each show as if it were the last, we'd get some amazing setlists. A quick glance at just one of the setlists reveals that they played Siamese Twins, Cold, Like Cockatoos, All Cats Are Grey AND Faith in one show! And the night before that they played The Figurehead, Trust and Jupiter Crash. Now that's what I'm talking about!

  39. I totally agree with dreamsneverend. 2000 dream tour was sensational.

  40. Wow.. Like Cockatoos & All Cats Are Grey how cool is that
    I went to 4 shows on the last tour and the set list did get repetituos. Especially the 4th show had no suprises.

  41. Carnage visors: object??? i'm cold????????? the top???????????? new day??????????????????? exploding boy?????????????? REALLY????

    YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING !!! You just list all the worst songs the cure ever made !!!......but ok everyone has his one taste.

    The play list should be:

    THE KISS (With the movie as intro)
    play for today
    pictures of you
    How beautifull you are
    fire in cairo
    where the birds always sing
    100 years
    shake dog shake
    17 seconds

    encore 1:
    siamese twins
    hanging garden
    a strange day

    encore 2
    the holy hour
    doubt (but that would not happen....)
    all cats are grey
    drowning man

    encore 3
    jumping someone elses train
    another journey by train
    its not you
    three imaginary boys
    killing another

    encore 4
    just like heaven
    love song
    fascination street

    encore 5
    going nowhere
    just one kiss
    all i want
    A forest

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  44. only 5 encores? what kind of a crappy show is that? lol

  45. Anyone without a car looking to get to Rio, check out these sites. They have info on shuttles....Looks like you basically take a shuttle ($5.00) to the strip to Harrah's, then take another shuttle(FREE) from Harrah's to Rio (Rio is a Harrah's property). A taxi is around $15-20 and

    Both are good sites.

  46. MARCO,
    first off that was not my set list, it was THE MELTING MAN'S, and it was not so bad either, and if you want to see my dream set, it would take the band six hours to play. Well Robert once said he would like to invite past CURE members back to play a show of every song they ever wrote, but that would take them three days to perform.

  47. "Robert once said he would like to invite past CURE members back to play a show of every song they ever wrote"

    Really?? Oooooh, I never heard that. Here's hoping Robert comes through!

    Marco, those are all fine songs you have there, but how can you not like Exploding Boy? As someone who regularly dances her ass off to that song, in my "unequivocal expert opinion" methinks you have a few loose screws, my friend...

  48. I´m very lucky for have been in all Mexico City´s shows so far (6) and for meeting RS twice.

    Great setlists, astonishing performances, amazing audience ever.

    I was witness of the world´s premiere of 2 songs, the magnificent and sad tune A BOY I NEVER KNEW (chills and tears runs all over me just to remember it) and - at that time - called Don't Say Anything.

    As long as 19 years of being CURE fan, one thing hasn´t fulfilled yet:


    Even the 2nd time i met Robert, i asked him, PLEASE, PLAY TSDWAY... after that he made his silly grin and told me: PROBABLY...

    Sadly, this never happened.


    Back in subject, yes, it would be very good if CURE plays a rare setlist.

    It´s time for something like this and for showing us some new songs.

    Bring it on....CURE


  49. 4Tour did have some unexpected surprises with a few b-sides thrown into some of the setlists. I noticed during the 12:08 dream tour the setlists for the Troubadour and KROQ AAC were really similar. Perhaps one reason why RS likes playing the same songs is b/c there is less room for error (e.g., forgetting lyrics).
    Actually I don't mind if RS forgets lyrics, so long as there's a greater variety of songs.
    carnage visors: It was a really good idea to bring attention to this subject. Let's hope RS sees it. I saw your post on the official site as well.

  50. I kinda thought Roberts idea he stated on the Big Gig interview, to do a light and dark song off every record was interesting - I think he said they decided it was too long, and the wrong crowd for it.

    I like the b-side / rarity idea too. Any unique set would be really great.

    btw, I have an extra pair of GA's for face and fees - if anyone is interested:

  51. For the intro, I think they should perform a 15 minute mogadon version of 'A Reflection'

    And they should close the set with a totally psycho 'New Day'