Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guess the Pearl setlist

" is holding a contest to see who can guess the Las Vegas setlist, or at least make the closest guess. First place wins a 4:13 Dream lithograph signed by Robert. So please stop on by and make a guess. (Thanks Brian/crowbi-wan)


  1. funny thing is that simon doesn't use his signature models anymore. he plays gibson basses almost exclusively.

  2. would be great if Robert actually looked through our setlists to choose one. ;)

  3. Looking at everyone else's setlists I think I may have a chance, lol!

  4. I'm guessing that they will play a unique main setlist comprised exclusively of all of their 'The' songs, and then the encores will follow a numerical sequence, so here goes :

    The Perfect Boy
    The Drowning Man
    The End Of The World
    The Figurehead
    The Real Snow White
    The Kiss
    The Caterpillar
    The Reasons Why
    The Same Deed Water As You
    The 13th
    The Snakepit
    The Only One
    The Holy Hour
    The Loudest Sound
    The Hanging Garden
    The Scream
    The Funeral Party
    The Hungary Ghost
    The Last Day Of Summer
    The Big Hand
    The Exploding Boy

    Encore 1

    One Hundred Years
    Two Wish Impossible Things
    Three Imaginary Boys

    Encore 2

    Four Ever
    Five In Cairo
    Six Different Ways
    Seven Teen Seconds

    Encore 3

    Pire Eight Ships
    On A Nine Like This
    Ten 15 Saturday Night

  5. Swifty, that is brilliant! However, I think you may have too much time on your hands! :P