Monday, March 23, 2009

Cure covers

"My name is Joshua. I've been a curefan since I was 12 (20 years ago). I am a vocal performance major @ Berklee College of Music. I'm in my last semester & last month played my senior recital, in which I sang 2 cure songs. I wanted to forward the links to you, to see if you could (and hopefully would) share them through the COF blog. the songs I did are From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea & To Wish impossible Things (yes, WISH is my fave cure album). I'd be overjoyed if you would share these with the curefan community. Also, should anyone be interested in more info about me, they can go here." (Thanks Joshua)

"A Hardcore/Drone Metal band named Rosetta out of PA has a wicked remake of Homesick posted to their MySpace page. While the band appears to be 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the Cure, it is plain to hear the influence that the Cure and particularly the album Disintegration has had on this band's song construction." (Thanks P)

"I'm not a fan of covers in general but I found an interesting Cure cover (in my opinion). The band is "Ambulancia" and although the members may look like a bunch of weirdos (specially the lead singer) they are actors and they make a kind of fusion where they act while they sing (and the other way round)." (Thanks Sandra)


  1. Heya Craig, thank you for posting. I hope everyone enjoys.

  2. wow awesome! I want to go to berkely so bad but its wayy to expensive! good cover tho!

  3. The Ambulancia cover is awesome!! By far the best cover I've ever heard of a Cure song!

  4. Thanks for the links!

    I do love the Rosetta cover! It's very different but quite interesting take on a Cure song! And their Philly boys too so I've got to love them for that too!!! :)

    Joshua's covers are quite good too!

  5. thank you kitty.
    we met last year before the MSG show, right?