Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vote for The Cure in Triple J's Hottest 100

"Voting is now on in Triple J's Hottest 100. The list of the top 100 songs of 2008. Freakshow and The Only One have both made the standard list, but we can also add The Perfect Boy and Sleep When I'm Dead manually. Let's get voting!!!!" (Thanks Jo)


  1. jo

    have you actually actually heard any of those songs played on triple J at all last year? Not that I listen much to JJJ these days, but as far as I could tell, 4:13 dream was given the royal ignoramus by Kingsmill & co...along with painkiller (Kilbey)...old codger's music hey!!

  2. ml68 - I didn't hear ANY 4:13 Dream on ANY of the Oz stations.

    I have decided to throw my weight behind Freakshow. You are only allowed 10 votes per email address, so I am using all my addresses and doing my best to get at least one song in the top 100.

  3. You're like a candy bar, Cat. Half sweet and half nuts.

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  5. I posted all Cure songs. Still can't get enough of 4:13 Dream. :D

    Cure, The - The Only One
    Cure, The - Freakshow
    Cure, The - Underneath the Stars
    Cure, The - The Reasons Why
    Cure, The - The Scream
    Cure, The - Sleep When I'm Dead
    Cure, The - The Real Snow White
    Cure, The - The Hungry Ghost
    Cure, The - The Perfect Boy
    Cure, The - This. Here and Now. With You

  6. i've just seen some of the rubbish about Jason on youtube.

    I was thinking - maybe we should start a campaign of our own: to reinstate Martin Creasy of Malice to lead vocals.

    I think this could work in getting rid of the Jason bashers.

    we could start posting stuff like "this singer is f*cking ruining all the songs. come back NOW Martin Creasy."

  7. ((((swiftablez))))

    LOL Big Ginge. :-)

  8. Big Ginge... that's hilarious!!!!!

  9. That rubbish over Jason is still going on over there? Man, how annoying.
    I don't even want to go see. I don't need to get pumped up right now.