Thursday, January 8, 2009

Updated version of Never Enough in April

"I was poking around on the official site of Jeff Apter (author of the Cure bio "Never Enough") and I saw that a revised version of the book will be out in April. If you go to and check the "current releases" sidebar on the right hand side, you'll see a mention of what I'm talking about. No details about new content are given, but I looked it up on Amazon and it will have 352 pages versus the original 338." (Thanks Natalie)

Looks like it will be an updated version in paperback and is scheduled for release in April.


  1. interesting.

    wonder if it was updated with any of the more current years

  2. I wonder if it was updated with better writing < / snark>

  3. or updated with more factual accuracy. the book was worth it to hear from Lol, but there is some BAD research in there.

    plus it seems like his only adjectives for describing any type of ambiance is "wind tunnel"

    i had started reading the book a second time and putting post-it notes on pages with mistakes, with the intent to demand a refund from the publisher, but 100 pages into it and i knew i'd spend more money on post-its than i did the book.

  4. Rev & J- I've heard of the book and have been curious about it for some time now. Based upon what you've said, I'm glad I never bought it!

  5. Not interested. Why bother writing a book if you're obviously not a fan of the music? If he used "dark", "depressing", or "plodding" one more time I was going to scream.

    BTW, I'm selling my copy. Only read once. Anyone want it?

  6. I have this book as well and I must say that at least Apter did present a hard back library quality book with a fairly accurate cure bio for the reader who might not be as informed about the cure as we more obsessive types. I still can't imagine why he didn't give the manuscript to Lol to read before publication though. There are some blaringly obvious mistakes in there that should have been fixed before print. Hopefully the new edition has the corrections made.

  7. I work in waterstones & got a catalogue through the other day, saying it was out in April with an extra chapter on the time up to 4.13 Dream.
    I thought it was worth reading, despite the odd glaring mistake. Nothing else in the offing!