Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All kinds of stuff

You can vote for 4:13 Dream in the Best Album Artwork for the NME Shockwave awards. Click here to give it an automatic 10. (Thanks Anthony)

Anthony has created some new Cure fonts. (Thanks Anthony)

The Denver Post has posted some Images That Will Reverb From 2008, and RS at Red Rocks is one of them. (Thanks Kate)

Actor Paul Bettany mentioned The Cure in the Metro on Dec. 16th. (Thanks Ed)

People magazine saw Kirsten Dunst dancing at the Troubadour show. (Thanks Heron)

There was a Robert sighting on the awful tv show, TMZ. They insulted him, made asses out of themselves, and that's all I'm posting about that. (Thanks to everyone who sent the info in)

"Looking around the great blog, mutant sounds, and found this. Seems there was a band back in the early 80's inspired by the best song from 'faith' (IMO). download to find some tracks that somewhat resemble skeletal cure songs from that period, as well as an interesting cover of 'the forest' - from 1983 - guessing it was the first cure cover ever released (on cassette, anyway)."
(Thanks Trevin)

"There's a jazz version of "In Between Days" on iTunes. The artist is a German jazz musician I've never heard of before."
(Thanks Thomas)


  1. The Denver Post goes up in my esteem by including a photo of RSX, and then drop again by stating that he is "appropriately gothy".

  2. Wow, thanks for all the info!

  3. Love that pic of Robert at Red Rocks. Excellent capture

  4. that show is disgusting...but where was the sighting?!

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  6. I downloaded that All Cats Are Grey band, it's actually pretty good, you can definitely hear the Cure influence. There's a song in the same kind of style as 10:15 Saturday Night. Pretty cool find.

  7. ugh TMZ is so negative, i don't care for that show much...

  8. I don't want to sound like I'm an ass, but I have problems with someone ripping someone's work (Parched Art fonts) and then make it available for a "donation".

    That makes me admire COF and Craig even more.

  9. i don't get the fonts thing, or why anyone would pay money for that. can someone explain?

    not knocking, just makes no sense...

  10. Marcio & The Big Ginge, its not for sale anymore. just donation whitch fans anyway wouldn't do.

  11. i also saw that TMZ thing, but it wasn´t that bad, i found it actually a bit funny, cause they said that they said hello to robert and that he mumbled something, and then they showed the video and he did mumble something completly inaudible and then walked away, and this girl said he looked pretty bad, you know, all those weight and hair comments and said that he used to be "The Dude" and another guy said that he was still "The Dude", all this was from the KROQ thing

  12. All cats are Grey - download. its pretty good, every song has a cure reference, seventeen seconds intro, primary intro, improv at the end of a forest (very 81 style) they must have seen the cure a lot around 81/82 the guitar part in a forest are excellent, just like live around 81. cheers...