Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New articles

"The Cure are on the cover of D-Side's issue of Nov-Dec. There's also an article in Elegy." (Thanks David)

Update: Posted the scans from Elegy and D-Side. (Thanks Rod x)


  1. Hi !
    I'll scan both of them in few hours (if no one is faster)... :)
    I'll can scan for you few smaller articles/reviews from the french press.
    Regards / Rod x

  2. anyone kind enough to translate? : )

  3. I might do it but not here at my job... ;)
    I'll say this the first scan Elegy does a song by song critic, but forgets to talk about The Reasons Why!! What a shame...
    It's positive/mixed but the guy seems to think The Cure (2004) was a masterpiece, so he's obviously tainted... ;)

  4. D-Side is way more extensive. Bit of a recap of the Cure's history, mostly recent, plus a critics and some... One thing for sure, the writer knows his background stuff. Very well informed. I feel like he must be a COF reader really...
    There's nothing a regular reader here won't know, but still good overall.