Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is Robert the coolest artist ever?

If you think so, vote for him at NME (that click gives him an automatic 10). (Thanks Aaron)


  1. I don't think I could go through another one of those. Was there even a final result from the last two?

  2. Bjork is Icelandishly cool.
    Nevertheless 10 points for Bob...another 10 points for Bob...and another 10 for Bob... and another...

  3. You can still vote on the Greatest Front Person & Greatest Rock & Roll Band Lists. Looks like these contests are never ending too.

    Robert is still #1 on the GFP List and so is The Cure on the GR&RB. Currently Robert #6 on this list. Let's get Robert to #1!!! I'm voting on this too but not as much as before! Work is just to crazy to spend the whole day clicking away! Sorry Robert duty calls!

  4. Lets not forget Arthur Fonzarelli!
    The Fonze was the coolest Pick-up artist ever. Heck, there can't have been a single cute girl left in Milwaukee that hadn't at some time been romantically involved with this classic ladies man.

    "Whoa" "Aaayy!"