Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"Thought it was kind of funny that in the new Ricky Gervais HBO special he mentions The Cure while having a laugh about what people blog about on websites. The line was something like: "Hi, I have a cat. I like The Cure." Just a tad ironic, since I'm emailing this off to a guy to post on a website. ;) " (Thanks Andrew)

"After famous French authors Virginie Depentes and Olivier Adam mentioned The Cure in some of their books, a new novel called 'New Wave' writen by Gaël Morel and Ariel König tells the story of a young man whose life is rythemed by Cure music."
(Thanks David)

"Pig & Dan - Cured." (Thanks Andrew D.)

"In France, in my city, there is a pub very famous where they play electro and gothic, and in the main room there is one only huge poster of Robert Smith. It’s the only pub I know where i can see so big picture of him." (Thanks Olivier C.)


  1. Hi everyone!
    There is some mention of books with Cure references in this post. I looked them up but couldnt find them..must be a U.S/English thing.
    What I was wondering..is if anyone could give me some suggestions for Cure reading? The only books I've come across like this are the old standard-Poppy Z Brite books. Those were fun! So is there anything else out there I could find??
    Thanks! =)

  2. there's another cure reference on ricky gervais' animals live thing. he says something like: "there aren't any fat hairy goths, except maybe robert smith."

  3. Yeah, I saw that on the HBO special, too! Nearly spit out my beverage.

    He was referring to how there are people who post websites just about themselves, and how he thinks it is stupid.

  4. It would have been heaps funnier if Ricky Gervais had said ""Hi, my name is Cat. I like The Cure."