Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Album Release Date

In their review of the Hamburg show, German radio station NDR2 says the new album is being released on June 28th. One problem with that, the 28th is a saturday. New albums are almost always released on monday or tuesday.

As I posted a week ago, Universal now has the album scheduled for release on May 6th in the US. Will that hold? Who knows, but that's what they have right now. If I hear of any changes, I'll get them posted asap.

Update: As Lars posted in the comments, that June 28th date is false. The reporter was using the date for the release of 'The Cure' in 2004.


  1. May 6th sounds a more likely since the tour was postponed so the album could be finished and the U.S. tour starts the 9th of May.

  2. Release dates for CDs in Germany were changed to Friday one or two years ago. So the information might be correct, though the author does not provide any source!

  3. Didn't know that. Is that true for any other countries in Europe?

  4. It's true for Germany, not sure about others in Europe. Still the 28th June is not a Friday, thus unlikely it is true...


    First Page News in Italy...
    -Title "rumors" of the new songs
    -Title "rumors" of the new album
    -Release Date: 5 May

  6. Yeah, most of those titles were announced last July in a Billboard article.
    Spot Marks The X is new though.

    That title, 4:13, was listed in the 4tour tour book and I think Robert has already said that will not be the title.

    And the release date would be right for Europe if the May 6th date is correct for the US.

  7. This is starting to look a bit like a farce, don't you guys think?

  8. Starting? : )

    No, last year was the farce. Now I think we are finally getting close to a real release date.

  9. I listen in France that the release date was 31th March in fnac Paris, and Virgin radio france seems confirme this date. Is this a rumor ?
    A rumor of the title was "raised up".
    This is all i can say.

  10. Who knows at this point. It doesn't really matter though - the first place is get released means everyone in the world can get it, lol.

    I think the May date makes the most sense, they delayed the US tour because they wanted to support an album.

    The dates are booked, and if they cancel again they will lose all credibility. We'll see.

  11. lose all credibility???? too late for that one

  12. I don't worry, I guess the album will come out in 2008, whatever the title or exact release date will be...
    Btw, with major releases of course there can be any other day in Germany, e.g. when there's a world wide release date.

  13. I have sent the info from the German radio station to Craig. However, yesterday evening I received an answer from them where they got that release date from. And now laugh: the journalist looked onto the official site of Universal and read that date in an article. But: That article was from 2002 and about the forthcoming release date of the record "The Cure". Remember? "The Cure" was released on June 28th. So this info is absolutely false.

  14. Hamburg 2008

    Robert : "Well I think this one is probably gonna be called "Love love love" or something
    or maybe "The only one" ooor"

    I think they'll need more time
    to make the art work
    and take advantage of the song evolving with the show by recording new parts

  15. I don't think they'll be recording new parts. With a tentative releasedate in May, it should be finished. Maybe artwork and such things need to be finalised.