Monday, April 9, 2018

Robert interview on BBC 6 Tuesday morning!

If you missed it, or want to listen again, you can find the interview here.

Some highlights from the interview (taken from the BBC 6 Music tweets):

Robert Smith on how it feels to be “cure-rating” : “it’s galvanised me, and I’ve booked studio time for the band! The first time I was aware of it when it was it curated by John Peel... The most memorable for me was seeing Bowie performing Low.”

Robert Smith on curating Meltdown: “They said ‘go ahead, book whoever you want’... Obviously for my dream festival some of the people are dead... I was surprised how immediate people said yes! It was so heartwarming.”

“I felt I had probably said enough... I was waiting until there was something new to start talking about... in the modern world people speak endlessly about nothing...” - Robert Smith on not doing interviews for the past few years.

“I’m probably going to do something on my own on stage.” - one of Robert Smith’s plans for the finale of but it may also be him and “four of my closest musical friends.”

“I’ve still got the poster from the Rocket Club in Crawley!” says Robert Smith and he’s found a side of stage recording of that first ever gig, 40 years ago, at Worth Abbey. (Note: And said he plans on releasing it. Yes, yes, I know, I'm just telling you what he said. :) )

“I’ve booked us time to do demos next month... in a dream world we’ll have a new song to play in the summer.” - Robert Smith on whether there will be new music this year. “What Meltdown has done, by listening lots of new music, it’s invigorated me.. I feel like I want to join in”

“I think we’ll end up going around the world next year... I think we’ll be recognising some anniversaries next Year too. Like our first Album and Disintegration, maybe.” (Note: He said they've already booked some things. It will be a mix of Cure shows, festivals, and those special anniversary type shows,)

And a few other things:

Robert actually invited The Rolling Stones to play , but they declined. They were too busy with their own shows this Summer.

He hints that The Cure will be headlining , but completely different to Hyde Park, little more weird, and different configurations, different songs, and special guests, so not really a Cure show. Hyde Park is still the only place you will see The Cure playing in Europe this year.

Doesn't feel that The Cure should play a regular show at , because it wouldn't be fair to those who bought tickets for Hyde Park thinking it would be the only Cure show in Europe this year, as it has been advertised.

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