Thursday, November 30, 2017

Josh Cheon from Dark Entries on The Cure

From Resident Advisor:

Label of the month: Dark Entries

"But if luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity, Cheon's been laying groundwork for such discoveries his whole life. In the backroom at RS94109, we speak about his undying love for the dark, romantic '80s music that forms the backbone of his label's aesthetic.

"I didn't have the happiest teenage years," he says. "I was overweight, I was made fun of, I was gay and in the closet. I had girlfriends that were into goth music music and The Cure—I think hearing that when I was 15—it's angsty, it's sad, it's emotive, and I was all of these things. If you hear Robert Smith singing about Disintegration or Pornography and how it doesn't matter if we all die, it's like, 'This like a rallying call for what's going on inside my head.'"