Sunday, November 26, 2017

Big plans for 2018?

Muzikalia ran a story today about possible plans to celebrate The Cure's 40th anniversary in 2018. Just your usual speculation that we all do at the end/start of the year, but what caught my eye was a tweet from Lol. Seems like some "wild ideas" really ARE happening in 2018.

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Update (Nov. 26th, 2017): I know we've all had fun speculating on these posts from Reeves and Lol, but please keep in mind that they both have their own projects, and not everything is Cure related. Lol could be speaking about his 2nd book, his graphic novel that he's working on with Pearl, his Cured movie adaptation, or that studio project he was working on with Pearl. It could be anything.

Also, there's this problem of Lol & Robert not having had any contact in quite some time. From a recent Metro interview:

"What was Robert Smith's reaction?
I gave him the first copy of the book about six months before its release. He was on tour, very busy, and we have not had any contact since. But I'm sure I would have known if he did not like it."

So just don't get your hopes up too high. Even if there ARE major Cure plans in the works, we know how quickly they can change.  

And one more thing, we all know how much Robert loathes social media/"The fucking internet", and the leaking of any info before he posts it himself, so would Lol & Reeves really post these things if they're Cure related?