Tuesday, December 20, 2016

40 years ago tonight...

Thanks, Petr @thecureCZ

From Lol on Facebook:

"This week sees the 40th anniversary of the the band of musicians/ friends that became the Cure! I’ll take the liberty here of quoting from my own book !

“Personally, I consider the first gig we did as the band that became The Cure to be the one that we did on December 20, 1976, the Malice gig at our old secondary school, St. Wilfrid’s. True, we had done a gig of sorts a couple of days earlier in the minstrels’ gallery at Worth Abbey for Upjohn’s Christmas party, and a rather strange “performance” in 1973 as The Obelisk, but this was our first full-blown concert.”

Actually since I wrote the above I’ve changed my mind a little bit. To me it is unimportant which date you consider, the 18th or the 20th, as the start of the band that became The Cure .

What I do think IS important , is the fact that The Cure is STILL a band, and that Robert, Pearl and Michael are STILL in my life forty years later!

It’s the testimony of time to real friendship that I care about. I feel blessed. Lx"


  1. Forgive my ignorance... what's a "Smooth"?

  2. They should still make gig flyers like this.

  3. A 'smooth' is a sharp dressed person. You'd have said a 'trendy' in the 90s. Not sure about now.

    Not a skinhead though.

  4. "Preppies" perhaps? That term was used a fair bit in North America in the 80s at least. "Smooth"?That is a new one to me.

  5. In the book, Lol talks about having to run away from and fight off the skinheads at their early gigs. Apparently, Robert was the protector and had no problem fighting them off when necessary. The book is a great read! So, I wouldn't be surprised if it is referring to skinheads.

  6. May be something like "no weak people please"

  7. Smooth was essentially a fashion victim, but more than that they were usually aged 16-18 acting middle-aged, coupled up, and a shared vision of buying their first house in Crawley..soundtrack to their lives was essentially "Breezin" by George Benson, but Saturday Night Fever was on the horizon and would soon change that landscape a little, they had their own pubs and so whilst Porls comments were fun at the time there was really no way that a Smooth would attend a Cure gig, much like they would never drink at The Rocket, but whatever... Smooths (like skinheads) in Crawley were really only vague appropriations of the real thing... Lol was right, only a handful of us were aware of life outside Crawley at that time, everything else was simply a reflection of a shadow... interesting times though... with or without the Smooths

  8. Just finished Lol's book today. Was sad to realise that Mick Kluczynski, referenced in the book and who has sadly passed away, as the same Mick seen various times on the Play Out video.