Saturday, October 8, 2016

Robert in Helsinki

Absolutely loves a photo @thecureofficial @thetwilightsad

A photo posted by AMF (@andyjmf) on


  1. "RSX's reaction at reading the setlist haters comments on COF.."

  2. I wonder if he's planning on gulping down all five drinks. Bottoms up? I like how the table decor matches the drinks. The V sign is not something I normally see with British people ( at least not in photos). It's wildly popular to display this gesture when being photographed in parts of Asia and even Iran, surprisingly enough. Maybe it has his own personal meaning.

  3. Oh wait, I just realized it is intended as an insulting gesture...depends on context....silly me.

  4. I finally realized what the gesture means! I think it is called "chunking up the deuce"? Or peace out? Now I feel like such an idiot. The V sign with palm inward and the hand upright is actually the offending gesture, not the above. My apologies if anyone was offended by the remark.