Saturday, October 8, 2016

'In Between Days' book updates

From Matt at The Flood Gallery: "The first thing to say is that Robert Smith has written the foreword for the book. At the outset this wasn’t though possible because of his touring schedule, but obviously Tom (and us) are over the moon and we really want to shout about this and spread the word.

Also, See attached images of the final front cover (as it was, but without the text on the cover, as we felt the images did all the talking that was necessary), plus 4 spreads from within the book which look great. Tom Sheehan has also given me some background on a couple of these photos below:

‘These ware taken on  a sunny Sunday afternoon, June 1990 in Buckinghamshire. I think the band were doing demos or recording at an old house that was once owned by the actor Dirk Bogarde. I did a few shots in the garden, then set up inside with my make-shift portable studio; 3 Bowens flash units , umbrellas, soft boxes, honeycombs etc. They had laid on some food and drink for our arrival, which is very much them..’ Tom Sheehan

‘Robert Backstage while filming ‘The Cure in Orange’ at the Theatre D’Orange. France, August 1986.
It was baking hot outside so I pulled him in out of the sun to rattle off a few ‘cheesy’ shots with the clapperboard. We spent two days there, a run-through, camera check, close ups etc. on the Saturday. On the Sunday the concert itself filmed by Tim Pope and his team. The film was later released on VHS where if you look close enough I have a ‘walk off ‘ part! After the show there was a bit of a knees up / celebration at the hotel … all good knockabout fun.’  Tom Sheehan 

For the launch/signing event, we have provisionally booked this in for Wednesday 30th November at The Cannick Tapps bar. Once this is absolutely confirmed, we’ll let you know but its 99%. Hope you all can make it!

Finally, the release date – a little later than planned as sheer volume of restoration work on many of the photos (old film, not digital!) took longer than we thought, but absolutely worth it. The book will be released officially on Monday 28th November. We’ll begin shipping pre-orders out a few days prior to that."

This is obviously going to be a fantastic book! If you haven't already, you can pre-order it here,


  1. I just bought the cheaper one. $22 British pounds for deliver to the US in case anyone is interested. Hope it's worth the $85 I paid. 🎃

  2. Hopefully the foreword isn't too predictable. :D

  3. Love the photo with RS in the black motorcycle jacket. I find the stark contrast between the last two photos in this post particularly striking. RS looks very youthful and naive in the bottom photo ("green as grass?"...maybe it's the white background, who knows), but in the photo right above it he appears to be much more worldly (and with a more grim outlook). Lol looks great as well. I'm not a biker but I've always found moto jackets especially flattering, if not downright sexy. Haha...Wonder if it's the same one that was shared by all of band members in their early days. At some point RS seemed to have swapped the moto jackets for oversized black v-neck sweaters, and eventually he traded the sweaters for hoodies and/or black t-shirts layered underneath wrinkled collared button down shirts? Nothing wrong with hoodies, it also appears to be an essential wardrobe item in the tech world. Good thing RS didn't take after Mr. Jobs with the black turtleneck sweaters. I don't think I have ever seen RS in a turtleneck. I wonder if anyone in the band still has that black moto jacket...