Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ask Lol - Part 2

You had questions for Lol, and he's provided the answers. While the original thinking was that Lol would answer just 10-15 of them, he answered every single one! Part 1 was posted last week, now here's Part 2 Thanks once again to Lol for doing this, to Quercus Books for arranging it, and to everyone who sent in questions.

'Cured' will be released on Sept. 22nd in the UK and on Oct. 11th in the US, and autographed copies can be ordered from Waterstones. Or bring your copy of 'Cured' to one of these UK events or US events, meet Lol and have it signed in person.

From Keith:
Should The Cure have stopped at any time in its history, and if so, do you think theyd been doing the "Reunion" circuit these days?

LOL: No I don’t think the Cure should have stopped. What for ? I don’t think that The Cure should ever stop really.

Did Steve Goulding really play on LGTB because you couldnt play the "disco beat"? You were an acomplished drummer, I find it heard to believe you couldnt plat LGTB, its not very challenging.

LOL: WE wanted to change things up and it seemed like a good idea to get someone with a different feel. I could have played my “Lol disco beat” and it would have sounded like me ( as on The cult hero songs ) We always wanted to embrace change so we did!

Do you ever feel that your contribution to The Cure, especially in the first 5 (pivotal) albums, is unfairly forgotten about, given their relative lack of commercial and critical acclaim compared to the globally successful HotD to Wish period, during which many people would consider your involvement creatively to be minimal?

LOL: Not from where I’m sitting no! People always ask me about the early albums etc. especially in relation to what came after . This was especially noticeable after “ Reflections” The Cure has had a long and varied career and I think that depending on when you discovered our music it tends to shift the focus to that time. Eventually we have been around for so long that people that weren’t even alive when I was in the band listen to the songs and get attached to the music and that to me is a wonderful thing. It is almost eternal.

From word on a wing 1980: I wonder if you could share your views about performing live with The Cure. I'm particularly interested in whether you've experienced something special happening at a subtle level? And if so, whether you could share your views about what may 'really' be happening...

LOL: The most interesting question! I felt during the Sydney concert for reflections that something almost transcendent was happening on stage so yes in way I do feel that there’s a connection with the “other world” that’s going on but that’s just my view point..

From Mike T: What was your best and worst gig with The Cure ?

LOL: This changes as I remember things. I loved the show we did in Athens in 1985 . I think it shows in the picture taken afterwards. Probably the worst was the last one in 1987 at Wembley. It was pretty miserable for me…

From other: Do you think that Roberts criticisms of you in the past (musically)- considering they have been quite harsh, are justified at all? ..and now you guys are pals again , does he stand by his previous comments?

LOL: I think much of what was said in the past came from anger and frustration . Like in any family people say stuff they might regret later. Families are difficult beasts! But like any family there is always love too…

From Tom:My question is in regards to record collecting: as a band member, are you able to get a copy of everything that is released (if you wanted)? Would you be given the different pressings in each country as far as singles, albums, promos etc? Say as a band member you wanted a copy of everything pressed, would you be able to request this and get it from the record company (companies)? As a collector who wanted everything, if I were a band member I would want everything as well. How does it work for the band members?

LOL: Well it used to be more so back in the day that you would get all the copies of everything you created yes. Now there are no record companies so I don’t know where you would start!

From Steve: Do you get recognized a lot in public?

LOL: IT depends. IF I’m at a place people expect to see me, like a show, yes. If I’m at the local grocery store not so much although it does happen there sometimes , usually when I’m unshaven and in my shorts and stuff hahaha!

From Alice Sometimes: Does Robert approve or disapprove of what is in the book...considering his image is on the cover?

LOL: Well he hasn’t said anything to me yet about it, I’m sure he would if he didn’t like it!

From Marc70: From video clips and interviews, it seems a lot of pranking from band members happened - towards you. 1) When did it start? (as children or once The Cure started) 2) Which was the worst one? 3) Did one ever backfire on the prankster? 4) Did you ever prank back?

LOL: I think this goes back to what Simon said to me recently that he wished that we had been kinder to each other (as a band) when we were younger. Once you’ve lived a life, you get to understand perhaps the fallacy of youthful egos…

From David Jubanyik: How did you remember everything in order to write a book? did you keep a journal from the start or did you just write it from memory. If it is written from memory how did you keep the dates and times of events in order? If you could let us in on how the whole writing process went down that would be great.

LOL: No I didn’t keep a journal! The thing that I found was once I started to remember stuff it was like dominoes falling and then the floodgates opened and I remembered most things. Which was amazing. I would often wake last year at 4 am with a memory of some incident and that helped immensely. The other thing that helped immensely was the Cure-concerts website. Which I used to cross reference my memories with places we had been.

From Mark: I am very interested in how much Chris Parry influenced the evolution of The Cure. How much influence do you think he had?

LOL: I think more than influencing us, he was a safe way for us to enter the music business. We liked him as a person so he was the acceptable face of the music business to us.

From Andy:
What is your favorite Cure song that started out as your demo?

LOL: “Homesick” On Disintegration. The extrapolation of my original demo idea was beautifully realised by the rest of the Cure. I am grateful for that as I wasn’t in the best of health at the time to be involved too much in that process.

What is your favorite Cure song while you were in the band?

LOL: I always loved playing Three imaginary boys

And finally what is your favorite Cure song after you left?

LOL: I liked “Never enough”

From Fred: Do you have a copy of Carnage Visors movie from 1981?

LOL: Maybe! I remember seeing it some years ago at my fathers house but its gone missing since then…

From Sven: To the time before 1979: Which songs were played live the first time? And which songs are unreleased and can you release in the next time at all?

LOL : WE used to play sets of triple songs! I’m sure if there’s a recording at some point it will see the light… or not!

From Fantasticasa: Robert and you were close friends from the beginning and you both invented the sound and sphere of The Cure. Do you feel that the existence of The Cure today is still due to the result that you The Cure have helped shape? Now that you 're older and wiser and looking back on the break with Robert, what would you have done differently if you had the chance again?

LOL: I have always felt part of the life of the Cure even If I wasn’t in the band. Its more my family to me than a band. If I had the chance again I wouldn’t have taken Robert to court. It was a really stupid thing to do.

From Watercoolerdictator:
what's your fave (and least fave) Cure video clip? How did you find working with Tim Pope?

LOL: Why cant I be you was a lot of fun to make! I suppose “ A night like this” would be my least favourite because of my health. I think the actual videos awesome but making it was hard for me mentally.

Apart from Robert, how's your relationships with the other Cure members, past and present?

LOL: Well some are not just “Cure members” to me, they are the friends I grew up with like Simon , Pearl and Michael, so I still have a very good relationship with all of them! Everyone else I’m friendly with but we don’t hang out much! I live in California!

I'm from Australia, so any particular fave memories of time spent in Oz?

LOL : My brother lives in Tasmania I liked visiting there and a Wednesday afternoon in Adelaide watching the village people movie was fun.

From Crimson Tonight: A fictional scenario: You and Robert never met and you didn't ever pick up a drum stick. What were you doing from leaving school, to the present day?

LOL: I was a writer…of course!

From bananafish17: Are there any songs you absolutely despise? Any songs you felt never got the attention they deserved in writing, recording or release?

LOL: No they are all precious little babies to me…

From Liz: Do you know if Robert has read the book?

LOL: I gave it to him a while back! I hope he’s read it by now!

From fmjews:
Has there been any possibility, after Reflection dates in 2011, that you come back in the band as keyboardist? Maybe someday?

LOL: I enjoyed the experience of reflections very much . It would be a shame for that to be the last time before we shuffle off this mortal coil! So yes in a word I’d be open to doing that again of course.

We know that every Cure member took his song ideas to the KMKMKM sessions, which were yours?

LOL: I thought about this and I realised they were all lyrical ideas, Snow in Summer, A thousand hours…

From castorp: Could you possibly explain the story behind "Eyemou" and Airlock movie? Why couldn't they have been released round with KMKMKM and Pornography deluxe editions?

LOL: We always liked having a movie before the show when we had carnage visors it worked very well. SO that’s the reason for a movie . to set the scene so to speak

From Marco: How did you choose the setlist before the concerts? Robert selected the songs or it was a band affair? If you know, today it's the same?

Lol: Way,way back we probably all choose the songs but over time Robert has chosen them more . I think that good idea as he has to sing them !

From Eric le Curiste: I'm sure there are many, but which is your fav gig with The Cure ever, and why that one in particular?

LOL: There are many but I liked Athens in 1985 a lot ! I also loved the reflections show in Los Angeles and Sydney….

From notquitefaust: What were your top 7 fav bands (any particular songs/LPs?) you listened to while in the studio w/ The Cure?

LOL: I don’t really recall listening to any other bands whilst in the studio with the Cure! There was too much music to hear with us . I listen to other bands only when I’m not making music if that makes sense?

From The Loudest Sound: Do you expect new Cure albums? How do u think Robert will plan the end of the Cure? Farewell tour?

LOL: I think there’s a few left. I don’t think the Cure will ever end. What else would they do?

From Anne Michaud: Why write the memoir now specifically, and what did you learn from the whole process?

LOL: I have had enough time to reflect on what happened in my life to be (hopefully) able to see clearly without judgement about events. I learnt everything again! It was a wonderful experience, which I shall repeat.

Can't thank Lol enough for doing this for all of us! It has been wonderful! I received an advanced copy of the book last Friday (Thanks Lol and Hannah!), and while I'm obviously very biased, and only about halfway through, I have loved every second of it! Can't recommend it highly enough! 

And if you have more questions, be sure to go see Lol on his 'Cured' book tour in the UK or US, where he'll be doing a Q & A along with signing your books.


  1. After seeing the then Cure playing Never Enough at the Brits, I spent the early months of 1991 as a 15 year old spending my pocket money on a 'new' Cure album per week, until I had everything. I read 10IY's, I bought the lyric book, I read tons of interviews with Robert.

    As an impressionable kid (we/they all are) I took Robert at his word on what he said about Lol. But then one day I heard, through a relative, of Perry talking about how Lol was in fact a really nice guy. This was early in Perry's Cure career. So I learned there were opinions beyond Robert's. And I learned Lol was a good guy. And looking back, clearly Robert was hurting and expressed himself through the name-calling.

    I used to consider myself a pretender in 1991, as they'd been going just over a decade by this point. I'd never be considered a true fan. 25 years on from that, that thought sounds hilarious.

    So, it's been a bit of a journey for me too, and all the other fans.

    It was nice just as a fan to see the Lol and Robert friends again.

    I was 15 in 1991, there was Cure News but no internet. I couldn't have imagined back then that one day I'd be talking on Twitter with Roger about Kimi Raikkonen and Roger taking tips from ME about bets to place on the F1, that Robert would write on thecure.com about still preferring physical album releases, the day after I wrote on here about how he should ditch album releases and go digital, and I never guessed Lol would be answering a question from me.

    Although the answer was quite short !!!

    But really, thanks everyone involved in this, I've loved reading all the questions and Lol's very honest and warm answers.

    1. My experience was similar--but I'd had a modem since 1988. By 1991, there was certainly an active internet, and (if I remeber correctly) a Gopher server for either Other Voices or the precursor to that and the Babble mailing list. Usenet was quite active as well! If not for those outlets, I wouldn't known about Lost Wishes. (I'm nearly 41 now. Am I remembering this stuff correctly?)

  2. Thank you very much for your answer, Lol and thank you Craig for the opportunities you give to all the cure fans around the world.

  3. Thanks a lot, especially to Lol and Craig, and to everyone involved, for making this happen!

  4. Thanks to Lol for answering everyone's questions! A great read! Now waiting for another great read!

  5. Really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

  6. There were a lot of gems embedded within the answers: "I don’t think that The Cure should ever stop really" and "There are a few more (albums) left"(?)! If only the powers that be felt the same way? I was surprised to learn that RS has not yet given Lol feedback about the book. I also didn't know that Lol contributed lyrical ideas to Snow in Summer and A Thousand Hours. Very interesting. I can't imagine Lol being unshaven and in shorts! HAHA. I noticed that LT was very diplomatic in his responses. It's sometimes hard to balance complete honesty and tact.

  7. Just a word to Lol and Craig: THANKS!!!!

  8. Got the front row for the grammy museum q and a but might skip it now that all the questions have been answered...

    1. Why would you presume that? In a live setting, there'd be so many more questions presented

  9. These Q&A were a real pleasure reading. Thank you Lol, thank you Craig... My Cured book seems to have been ordered for years already, hopefully Amazon won't screw that up, and deliver right in time. Besides, what about the audio version, not quite aure I understood where to get it, and when?

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  12. Thank you Lol!
    I want to say thank you for answering my question, and also for being part of the Sydney reflections shows ...it was actually my first time seeing The Cure and contributed to a turning point in my life (though a very scary one at the time! Completely turned my life upside down... Took me a while to realise this was a good thing! awakenings and re-organisations) thank you Lol for being part of this precious vessel called The Cure through which transformative experience can occur. xxx

  13. awesome ! ordered the book , cant wait!

  14. awesome ! ordered the book , cant wait!

  15. Will there be a part 3?
    I wanted to ask him if he gets royalty checks from Cure music played on the radio and how did he end up paying off the $1 million legal bill?