Saturday, September 17, 2016

'Cured' US book tour dates

Update (Sept. 17th, 2016): Some new dates have been added. I think a few of these will be DJ type events, but not confirmed yet. More details soon.

Dates and venues have been posted on Lol's PledgeMusic page.

"As promised, here is the initial run down of dates, venues and cities on the Cured US Book Tour.

Each event will feature a spoken word performance from Lol (with immersive audio/visual backdrop), followed by a fan Q&A and a signing session (unless noted)….

Oct. 13th - Ridgewood, NJ (Bookends) (x)
Oct. 14th - Long Island, NY (Book Revue) (y)
Oct. 15th - New York, NY (Morrison Gallery)
Oct. 19th - Los Angeles, CA (Grammy Museum) (y)
Oct. 19th - Los Angeles, CA (Lethal Amounts)
Oct. 20th - Long Beach, CA (Fingerprints)  (z)
Oct. 21st - West Hollywood, CA (Book Soup)
Oct. 22nd - San Diego, CA (The Casbah)
Oct. 22nd - San Diego, CA (Numbers Night Club)
Oct. 25th - Portland, OR (Powell’s)
Oct. 26th & 27th - Portland, OR (Lovecraft Bar)
Oct. 28th - Seattle, WA (KEXP Studio)

Nov. 2nd - Pasadena, CA (MeowMeowz)
Nov. 4th - Las Vegas, NV (Zia Records)
Nov. 6th - Phoenix, AZ (Zia Records)
Nov. 7th - Albuquerque, NM (Bookworks)
Nov. 10th - Ft. Collins, CO (The Music District)
Nov. 11th - Denver, CO (Tattered Cover/Twist & Shout)
Nov. 12th - Boulder, CO (Boulder Book Store)
Nov. 14th - Austin, TX (Book People)
Nov. 17th - Houston, TX (Cactus Music)
Nov. 18th & 19th - Dallas, TX (Mortified: Dallas)

(x) Signing Session only
(y) On Stage Q&A + Signing Session only
(z) Cured Book Event + Pearl Thompson Art Exhibition.

We have a couple more cities to pin down the exact date for (Chicago, Nashville included) and are already in the process of adding more cities, so stay tuned for further updates as well as the precise times for each event…"


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    1. Looks like I may be making a trip up to Portland :(

      But on the bright side my buddy from High School owns Shannahans Irish Pub in Vancouver so I'll crash on his couch and see live music while visiting him.

  2. Was checking the L.A. dates and for a second was thinking "What the hell is the Granny Museum"?

    1. Haha...Grammy museum was the first venue to catch my eye. Pretty upscale venue, though the actual collections are underwhelming. It's a little ironic that there isn't a single display or exhibit featuring The Cure at this so-called museum...correct me if I'm wrong. I think the focus is on acts that have won an award? I haven't been in quite some time, so my recollection is a bit hazy. Veering slightly off topic here, but I still find it frustrating that the band has yet to win an award. While I certainly don't equate a Grammy award with musical accomplishment (especially considering some of the clowns who've managed to garner awards over the years), it would be nice to see my favorite band finally being recognized....Maybe Someday?
      As for the other nearby venues, some of them sound intriguing. Never heard of MeowMeowz, though I've probably passed by there 800 times. Vroman's would've been a better choice but can't really complain with all the options to choose from. I had a feeling Book Soup would be included. I think Vroman's bought out/rescued the latter from closure a few years back.

  3. Hey Craig, maybe I missed it, but is there anything foreseen in mainland Europe ?

    1. There are plans for a European tour next year.

  4. pls Lol, dont forget a spanish version .

  5. Dallas usually has book signings at good records, it would be a good place

  6. Oh man, Pearl is only attending one of the dates. I wish that he would be joining for Seattle.

  7. Please include a Northern California date. San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley or San Jose

  8. Phew, thanks for the heads-up. I didn't know there would be tickets to the events at all. Sold out fast! Besides the VIP tickets there are a few super-VIP tickets still left.

  9. I'm seeing an additional location on Songkick for Oct 19th at Lethal Amounts in LA, it's a gallery. Perhaps another Pearl opportunity? Craig, do you happen to have any info? As always, much thanks!!

    1. Yes, more dates are being added, but can't confirm if Pearl will be at the LA show.

      As of now, Pearl is only appearing at the Long Beach show, but they are trying to add more.

  10. So psyched to see Lol in NYC! Thanks so much for posting this!

  11. Replies
    1. ...and for the record, yes, I know that Toronto is in Canada, but it's still in North America, and there are plenty of Cure fans up there.

    2. The official graphic above says U.S. Book Tour, not North American, so that leads me to believe Canada won't be included in this round of dates.

    3. I figured that. I'm just pointing out that Canada is being neglected.

  12. Still hoping for NOLA after that Dallas date...

  13. For anyone not making it to a reading in the US, Powell's in Porland is selling pre-orders for signed editions.