Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Beatles, The Cure, The Who and Bray


What do Bray and three of the biggest bands of all time have in common?
Around this time, Robert Smith started spending a lot of time in Ireland, especially on the South Dublin and North Wicklow coasts.“I came over in 1986 for a few weeks’ break and ended up spending a year-and-a-half there,” he told Stuart Clark from Hot Press. “I rented a cottage just outside Dalkey – it’s beautiful down there. I used to walk back along the DART line, that’s the only way I could find my way around. I went to Ireland on holiday a lot when I was very young because of my grandparents’ family connections. I was reconnecting with that.”

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  1. Fascinating...I did not know of Robert's Irish heritage. Then again, it is not surprising given the shared history and proximity between England and Ireland. I wonder if the sleepy town of Bray will suddenly see a rise in tourism by fans of all three bands. It's probably one of the few places in Europe relatively unspoiled by tourism, one of the few places where one can truly get away.

    It would be interesting to compile a list of places or points of interest that are/were of significance in the band's history/evolution, such as local pubs where they may have first performed, locations where official videos were shot, schools the band members attended, venues where important concerts were held (such as Theatre antique d'Orange), studios where albums were recorded, favorite haunts frequented by band members, places that may have inspired lyrics for certain songs, etc.
    It would take a bit of research, but if one has the time, money, and inclination, one could string together a bunch of sites on a custom, Cure-centric tour. Not sure if it's already been done, but it would be cool to create a sort of "Rough Guide" to Cure sites, complete with tips on how to get there, nearby accommodation, etc.