Saturday, August 20, 2016

Roger in Ferrari magazine

Interview is only available to Ferrari magazine subscribers.

Update (Aug. 20th, 2016): The interview is now available to all. Read it here. (Thanks Roger O'Donnell Discography)


  1. Looks like it will cost 250 euros to read the article?

    1. You know, if you can afford a Ferrari.... Maserati owners are priced out.

  2. That time I made fun of Rogers car rental and then he showed me a picture of the Ferrari on his phone.

  3. A few decades ago, a young founding member of a seminal band was criticized by his partner for driving a Porsche. Twenty years later, an old musician of a seminal band drives a Ferrari next to young mannequins. lol

  4. I always took RS's Porsche comment as being more about a Thatcherite comment than the car itself.

    Remember RS drives huge 4WD's, some of the least environmentally friendly cars on the planet and as pricey as a Porsche anyway!

    Besides...wouldn't we all if we had the £? ;-)

  5. Just curious, why did they get Nick Mason of PF to conduct the interview? What does he have to do with Ferrari?

  6. Nick is all about racing. And check out their La Carrera Panamericana music.

    Good to know that the Cure members still 'sort of' get on.... That bodes well.

  7. The interview mentions Roger meeting someone at LAX a few years ago after the Grand Prix. The next time he finds himself in LA, he might be interested in checking out the newly renovated Petersen Automotive Museum. The museum was established by and for car enthusiasts and features a range of classic, exotic and rare cars, including Roger's favorite make. It's no surprise this place happened to be built in one of the most car-centric cities in the nation.

  8. Fitting nicely with this, Roger is a guest of Ferrari at the F1 race in Belgium today

  9. Poser O'Donnel...just a personal opinion