Saturday, June 18, 2016

Robert's blue guitar Bowie tribute tonight

"Waiting on the gift of sound and vision" (Larger version here)

"Blue, blue, electric blue
That's the colour of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue"

But it's "Waiting FOR the gift of sound and vision". :)

Thanks to @Mags_in_London for the photos.

Robert played a blue Schecter guitar with these Bowie lyrics on it, early in the set tonight. It might have been during A Night Like This? Reason for it tonight? MSG was the venue for the Bowie 50th Birthday Concert.

If anyone has photos, please let me know.

A couple of videos of Robert playing it on 'A Night Like This' here & here.


  1. Purple for Prince
    Blue for Bowie
    Black for BLemmy?

  2. Yes it is "waiting for the gift of sound and vision"

  3. .. of another possible charity (DON'T BREAK THIS ONE ! ',-7 )trust auction great prospector that Robert sure is

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  5. 'Low' influenced Robert to write 'Seventeen Seconds'. Both albums have had a major impact on music and have inspired loads of bands. 'Sound+Vision' would be a great song for The Cure to cover!

  6. The blue guitar is incredibly endearing...especially given that RS and Bowie were good friends. The purple guitar in honor of Prince was a nice gesture, but this seems to hit home on a more personal level. Maybe both guitars could be auctioned off together? In the photo it looks more like teal than blue. Side note: Purple and teal are a great color combo...and related to each other on the color wheel. Maybe next time a red guitar could be used to pay homage to another musical legend? (Red plus blue = purple). Then all three could be auctioned together!

    1. Forgot to ask...was there also a blue cable (Reeves) or a blue tambourine (Jason)?

  7. Yeah someone messed up. The lyrics are wrong. Its the thought that counts though.

  8. Whoops. I wonder if Smith messed up the lyrics or if it was Schecter? Probably the latter.