Monday, June 20, 2016

More from Roger's Russian Ballet


  1. Wonderfull Roger,amazing lights,dancers and music,too ;)))

  2. I was absolutely transfixed by the latter half of the video. A sublime merging of music and dance. Roger did an exceptional job with the musical arrangements. I've always admired his work on the keyboards but when he allows his talents to "step into the light" in performances such as this one, do they have a chance to truly shine. Amazing job!

  3. Yes Roger is an excellent composer. If you haven't seen the rest of his work, please do. A couple of suggestions-"Quieter Trees" and "Love and other Tragedies" which is a very interesting and beautiful mixture of piano/cellos. Very inspiring to me as a musician. He has also very recently composed a soundtrack to a short film NOT EVER. Looking forward to more beautiful creations.