Friday, March 11, 2016

Minneapolis on sale today

June 7th, 2016 - Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Xcel Energy Center
On Sale: March 11th at 10 am Central
Tickets are $25 / $40 / $55 / $70 / $85
Ticket link


  1. got two upper level tickets, tried for 10 mins best I could get.

  2. Between the pre-sale and the sale, did they change the setup from a 1/2 house to a 3/4 house? (I'm not going, just being curious.)

    1. Yes, noticed that, too. So they either sold more tickets than expected in the presale and opened up more seats, or they had the wrong chart posted yesterday.

    2. (The thing is that people who secured seats in blocks 104 and 116 thought they were close to the stage and they are not so close anymore.)

  3. I know I should be grateful to have tickets at all, but I live in Saint Paul and am traveling to Chicago to see the Cure on June 10th. I had no clue that these tickets were on sale until today and there is only one ticket left for sale (not two, which is what I would need). Any chance someone who perhaps lives in Chicago and bought tix in St. Paul would want to make a swap with me? My tix are not costly and they're not great seats, but I am dying to swap with someone... I feel it's a long shot, but then again, why not put it out there just in case? And again, it's true that I am grateful to being going to a Cure concert in June, whether it's in Saint Paul, MN or Chicago, IL. But obviously, the former option would be tons more convenient.

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