Monday, November 16, 2015

Vancouver & Montreal sale info

5/31/16: Vancouver, BC at Deer Lake Park
On Sale: Nov. 27th at 10 am Pacific
Presale: Nov 25th at 10 am Pacific
(Note: This is a change from what the official site says)
Codes: TRACKS(?), COVERT(?)
Tickets are $57
Ticket link

6/14/16: Montreal, QC at Bell Centre
On Sale: Nov. 27th at 10 am eastern
Presale: Nov. 25th at 10 am eastern
Codes: Not released yet
Tickets range from $30 - $94.50
Ticket link


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  2. Well THANKfully I have Thursday 11/26 off work so I can get the Vancouver tickets.

    Hope they release the Seattle info soon, and that it's a real show, not Sasquatch. None of the other shows are festivals, so I'm hoping Seattle isn't either. But, I'd probably end up going anyway.

  3. I think my wife and I are going to take a road trip from Portland to Vancouver. I always wanted to see Vancouver.