Monday, July 6, 2015

"Please stop sending these"

I've posted about this on Twitter and in the comments here, but guess I need to make a post about it.

These articles from KpopStarz and Franchise Herald that everyone keeps spreading around, and sending in, are poorly (if at all) researched junk. NOT NEWS! The Robert interview they are referencing is this one from March of 2014. LAST year, not this year. Old news, nothing new. Those US shows in May and Sept? Yeah, BottleRock and the Riot Fests. They've already happened.

Come on, guys, it only takes 5 minutes to do a little research and fact-checking on something like this, before spreading misinformation. And I give you a 100% guarantee that when there is actual legitimate new album news, you won't hear about it first at KpopStarz.

You'll hear it from NME, XFM, Pitchfork, CoS, Rolling Stone, etc. Or whatever the big music sites are in 2025. :)

Update (07/06/15): And now Sideline is getting in on the nonsense. Again, this "announcment" was made in March 2014. If this "announcement from Robert" was actually new, where is it? Why not link to it? Don't you think the official site and/or the major music sites would have it?

Actually, I think they're referring to '4:26 Dream', not a "new" album. And again, yes, Robert announced it last year.So technically their report isn't wrong, it IS, or was, in the pipeline as of March 2014. But plans change. Pipelines are sometimes much longer than initially thought.