Friday, September 12, 2014

New Cure Tribute CD

"For the past 12 months the Alfa Matrix bands have all been recording THE CURE songs in secret. The result can be found on a brand new THE CURE tribute album by some of the finest industrial/electro acts around.

This tribute holds over 30 tracks (Bandcamp users also get 2 extra bonus tracks on top) and is being released as a 2CD and in MP3 and FLAC format!

Everyone born between 1970 and 1980 has undergone a THE CURE brainwashing, voluntary or not, filled with genius songwriting pearls by Robert Smith & co. Whereas other bands that grew up alongside with them ended up with albums that no longer stand the test of fandom, THE CURE has been able to maintain an overall quality throughout the years, constantly offering unforgettable extended live shows made of nostalgic classic mixed with newer songs, and always reminding us that the unique "THE CURE magic" has remained intact!

Today the Alfa Matrix label roster is paying homage to this great and unique band: THE CURE, choosing classic radio hits but also songs that are less known to the public-at-large but which deserve even more to be heard again, showing that the songs written by Robert Smith and current/ex-members also lend themselves to different music style treatments... All electronic music genres have their very own ambassadors on this 31-track double CD compilation from electro dance to pop rock through dark elektro and modern EBM. Compiled by and for THE CURE fans, "A Strange Play - a tribute to The Cure" will offer you astounding interpretations of classic hits. 

THE CURE was, is, and will continue to be a major influence and reference, conscious or not, for many underground artists and music lovers. We hope that together with us you will rediscover THE CURE in a way you didn't expect, cruising through their vast catalogue in different soundscapes but always remaining faithful to the band's darker sound.
ATTENTION: Bandcamp users, you get 2 EXTRA bonus tracks exclusive to the Bandcamp release!
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  1. JUNKSISTA - the lovecats
  2. LOVELORN DOLLS - just like heaven
  3. KANT KINO feat. Mari Kattman - charlotte sometimes
  4. AESTHETISCHE - anniversary
  5. AVARICE IN AUDIO - disintegration
  6. AIBOFORCEN feat. MONDTRÄUME - a strange day
  7. STAR INDUSTRY - the walk (club edit)
  8. CYNICAL EXISTENCE - lullaby
  9. ESSENCE OF MIND - burn
  10. SEBASTIAN KOMOR - lovesong
  11. ALIEN VAMPIRES - in your house
  12. HALO IN REVERSE - prayers for rain
  13. DIFFUZION - pictures of you
  14. METROLAND - close to me
  15. AIBOFORCEN - all cats are grey
  1. I:SCINTILLA - fight
  3. KANT KINO - jumping someone else's train
  4. COSMIC ARMCHAIR - friday i'm in love
  5. MARI CHROME - a forest
  6. SCHWARZBLUT - the figurehead
  7. ZOMBIE GIRL - fascination street
  8. TECHNOIR - the drowning man
  9. REGENERATOR - prayers for rain
  10. MONDTRÄUME - lament
  11. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS vs. BEZIRK02 feat. Denise Kanka - the baby screams
  12. PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE - why can't i be you
  13. XMH - a night like this
  14. NEIKKA RPM - sleep when i'm dead
  15. TOTEM OBSCURA - cold
  16. ACYLUM - trust
(Thanks Chris, Michael, Monghi, and @Smeggar)


  1. I think that I'm most surprised by the presence of 'Anniversary' and 'Sleep When I'm Dead' on this list.

    1. I'm most surprised by there not being a single band I've ever heard of. :)

    2. I'm going to guess that you're not into goth/industrial music. ;)

      I've heard of about 2/3 of the artists. Just to name a few who I particularly like, I:Scintilla is an outstanding female-fronted industrial rock band from Chicago. Strong vocals with a driving guitar sound.

      Technoir is an EBM band who used to be female-fronted, but I think that their lead singer quit a few years ago, so I'm not sure who their frontperson is now, but regardless, they're good.

      Helalyn Flowers is a female-fronted EBM band from Italy. The singer's vocals sound a little odd due to her accent, so I'm sure that their cover sounds interesting.

      Zombie Girl usually deals in light horror-themed EBM, so I'm curious to hear their take on 'Fascination Street'.

  2. I've previously bought a Cure tribute and hadn't heard of any of the bands, had the NME tribute cd, both went in the bin after one lesson.

    There seems to be a complete lack of ability for anyone to make a decent Cure cover, although I must admit I haven't heard the Pink Pug stuff. But commercially available stuff, always terrible for some reason.

    And an entire cd of electronic covers? No thanks!

    Interesting. I'd love a cd full of straight covers by big name bands, but then The Cure are the band they all love but won't admit to it...

    1. One 'listen' even.

      Writing this 4.50pm BST on a Friday at work. I'm tired.

    2. And Pink PIG.

      "Sorry about the mess..."

    3. Crimson, I have an original 'Pink Pig' set, so if you'd like a copy, send a box of cd-rs and return shipping to me and I'll burn copies for you.