Friday, August 29, 2014

Riot Fest food vendor lists

"Chicago: We’re happy to welcome over 50 food vendors to the fest this year to help satisfy all of your carnivorous, omnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan needs! Toronto and Denver, your food vendors will be unveiled this week too!"

Update (08/27/14): Toronto! You finally got something announced today! Too bad it's just your food vendor list, but hey, it's something.
Wait, you finally get your FAQ, too.
They have to release your map, & schedule soon, right?

"This year’s Riot Fest & Expo in Toronto, ON will feature a wide array of food options sure to cover the bases for any taste palate. Whether you’re craving carnival food, a burger, tacos, or some dessert, these 20+ vendors will have delicious fixings to satisfy your hunger and taste buds!"

Update (08/29/14): And nere's your list, Denver. "We are pleased to announce the official RIOT FEAST! Check out all the goodness these amazing vendors will provide this September. We're hungry..."