Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chicago Riot Fest Aftershows announced

Also, Television has been added to the Riot Fest lineup on Sept. 13th, replacing Marky Ramone.

Update (08/26/14): Some changes & additions. From Riot Fest on Facebook - "Chicago. We just added some Aftershows, well technically they are pre-parties. The Murder City Devils at Double Door. Also, we know that tickets for the Television Aftershow went very quickly, so to give more people an opportunity to see them, the show has been moved to Sunday, September 14th at Bottom Lounge. Tickets are on sale now, get them while they're still available! http://riotfest.org/chicago-official-shows/


  1. Replies
    1. I would seriously bet against this.

  2. I'm going to guess that there won't be any additional shows before, between, or after the festival performances considering how close those dates are, which surprises me. Is the band really just going to hang out in Canada and the US and enjoy the sights?

    1. Maybe they have been working so hard in the studio that they want a vacation!

    2. well there was 2 shows between acl weekend last year so it might happen. although the toronto one is getting closer and nothing has been announced so seems unlikely.

  3. I'd still love for there to be some special smaller shows announced. I doubt they could announce arena shows this soon and have a great turnout, but if they were do something at the Fox Theatre Detroit or something, that would be just EPIC.