Thursday, September 4, 2014

'Fantastic Guitars' out now

From Reeves on Facebook: "Fantastic Guitars' by Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson has been released. We loved making this album; hope you'll enjoy it too.
Available exclusively online via Bill's website. Limited edition CD, worldwide shipping, quick fulfillment.

"Front cover abstract image by Bill Nelson from a Martin Bostock photograph." All rights reserved; full image may be shared on social media to promote the album. Thank you."

Update (07/25/14): From Reeves on Facebook - "Today (Fri) from 5:30-6pm (US Central time) hear 'Fantastic Guitars' on Radio Free Nashville. Streams at -- Bill Nelson & I had fun making this record; please give it a listen."

Update (08/15/14): From Reeves on Facebook - "if you're lucky enough to be near Troy, New York, my friends at Collar City Guitars have a handful in stock."

Update (09/04/14): From Reeves on Facebook - "Released today for digital download: 'Fantastic Guitars' by Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson. It's instrumental and we recorded it on real guitars, sitting together in a small room. (No wave forms were chopped in the making of this album.)
I think of it as a series of guitar conversations between friends; Bill calls it "six-string cinema."
Available exclusively via:
Limited edition CDs are also available at the same link."


  1. Seriously i need to believe because nothing is announced yet by The Cure for 2014.
    Robert you are wrong (1 more time)'s Reeves who is releasing his Album!

  2. not reeves related but guitar and definitely cure related

    1. Yep. Posted that back in January.

  3. cheers Craig. i must have missed it back then, thanks!