Sunday, June 1, 2014

'Before Three' at BottleRock 2014

Before Three - Napa, BottleRock 30-May-2014 from itsaperfectday on Vimeo.

Finally back after a 10 year absence! Last played in Paris on Oct. 15th, 2004. Thank you, Olivier! Thank you, Robert!


  1. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    Because I can't stop saying/singing that now. :)

    I might go to Riot Fest just in hopes of hearing this one more time.

  2. Should have been a single...

  3. This is a much better song on the album than live....Robert can never get the lyrics right.....but the cd version is definitely one of my top 20 Cure songs

  4. top tune - just need them to play 'fake' live and all will be good.

  5. I love this song, if I didn't think the lyrics for Labyrinth were the best he's done in decades I'd say it's my favorite off the album.

  6. I don't like it. On the album it's ok, but live it doesn't really work. They should play some older rare stuff instead of this.

  7. Replies
    1. And become uncle bernard???? NEVER! I prefer them with flaws, than synthetic!

  8. In 27 years as a Cure fan, I don't ever think I've seen Simon Gallup miss/fluff a note live. Impressive.