Wednesday, April 9, 2014

20 Artists Missing From the R & R Hall of Fame

From Yahoo:
18) The Cure: It's really annoying how many great British bands have been left out of the Hall. Sure, most of the 1960s bands all got in, but after that, no Brits need apply. The Cure were so incredibly versatile. I also vote for Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy. Just think — a Goth wing! No windows and you could save a bundle on lighting! (Thanks @kafdancer)

From Rolling Stone:
The Cure
Eligible since: 2003
Argument for induction: Whether or not you hold dear the Cure's contribution to Eighties goth trends, don't conflate that with their tremendous string of quirky pop albums over that decade and the next. Their maturation from late-Seventies art punks to kings of atmospheric moroseness mirrored a generation of misfits' own coming of angst. Robert Smith and co. still release relevant records today, but even if they ceased, say, 15 years in, we'd all still be dancing to "Just Like Heaven" and "Friday I'm in Love." (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

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