Saturday, February 8, 2014

NME's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

NME isn't happy unless they're compiling a list, and their latest is The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. The Cure have 5 entries. The usual suspects. Yes, it's ridiculous. That's the NME.

#45 - 'Boys Don't Cry'
An insistent riff and guitar jangle forged the template for the following decade's British indie boom on this beer-soaked dancefloor anthem.

#236 - 'Inbetween Days'
With the doomy Goth side of his ouvre set to one side, Robert Smith and chums were inspired by the breezy pop of New Order for this huge worldwide hit.

#356 - 'Close To Me'
Through Robert Smith’s confidential whispers, 'Close To Me' bristled with a jaunty yet longing romance.

#360 - 'Pictures of You'
The prettiest thing The Cure have ever done. A sparkling sonic expedition and damn, [i]that[/i] intro.

#366 - 'Friday I'm In Love'
Turned out you weren't the only one who loves the weekend. Irrepressibly joyful.


  1. These lists are ridiculous by nature. What amuses me is the fact that these lists usually only have songs with vocals and are in the English language.

  2. All great songs, though I've never been a big "Inbetween Days" fan. When the heck is Robert going to release the 1986 remix of "Boys Don't Cry"; I prefer his more adult vocals on that one. "Close to Me" (single version) ALWAYS brings a smile to my face when I hear it on my ipod at the gym; so damn catchy! Ditto "Friday I'm In Love"!

    1. that 86 remix of 'bdc' should have been on 'join the dots' - craig did tell me it's on an 80's electro 12" collection cd - though can't find the link.

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  4. Plenty of Cure songs out there with intros more intriguing than POY. Silly overly obvious lists.

  5. A joke of a list. SLTS isn't even anywhere near the best Nirvana song, yet alone the best of all time.
    I wonder if the NME ever heard of a band from Liverpool called the Beatles ?

  6. Honestly don't waste time looking at Most days they cover Miley Cyrus and One Direction above any guitar bands.

    They are a fucking ridiculously piss poor imitation of what they once were, far more so since the demise of Melody Maker. Let it not be forgotten, this is the same NME that absolutely DESPISED The Cure for years, to the point where Robert would no longer give interviews to them, which didn't help matters. I believe Morrissey still won't talk to them, Robert only softened his stance post M.M. closure, leading up to Godlike Genius.

    It is Robert's perogative of course and obviously a lot of behind the scenes 'soothing' happened to get them talking again, but I see the NME as nothing more than parasites who use The Cure as suits them.

    1. True, the New Morrissey Express spent the entire 1980's slagging off The Cure. The Sounds, Melody Maker and Record Mirror were the bands true supporters.
      I'm surprised Robert bothers at all with the NME.

  7. Replies
    1. Yeah, I gotta say "Love Song" is probably The Cure's best single. I much prefer it to the always praised, though still great, "Just Like Heaven".

  8. the nme is dross. bbc 6 music is slowly turning the same way.