Friday, February 21, 2014

Cure on Sky Arts this Friday & Saturday

Couple of Cure shows on Sky Arts 1 & HD this week:

Friday Feb. 21st
8:30 PM - The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star
9 PM - The Cure Live at Hurricane Festival 

Saturday Feb. 22nd
3:10 AM - The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star
3:40AM - The Cure Live at Hurricane Festival
8 AM - The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star
8:30 AM  - The Cure Live at Hurricane Festival
(Thanks Carl and @weathercade)


  1. My Sky EPG states the 'Video killed...' episode is "New", but I'm suspecting it'll just be a renaming of the show from MTV...?VH1...? from years ago.

  2. Hmm...interesting.

    Some was as I suspected above, but most was recent.

    The Pope bits were him on the beach in Brighton, think he did some other show a few years ago there, probably filmed at the same time.

    The Robert parts were new or very recent, he was in a studio and very much looked like Robert 2014 version.

  3. To correct Crimson Tonight, most of the Robert interview bits were from the studio in 2008 (definitely not 2014 Robert) - same sessions as the videos for the filming of 4:13 Dream videos. There were some bits from 1997's Galore MTV program 'Collexion' where Robert was sat with Tim Pope and some new and old Tim Pope bits. Nothing really new but was an interesting show nonetheless.

  4. Can this be uploaded somewhere?

    1. It's beyond my talents so I can't help, but honestly it isn't worth worrying about. Most of what Robert says is similar to what he's said about the videos many times elsewhere.

  5. Has anyone ever seen Roger & Bruce Jenner in the same room together?

  6. If you have a NOWTV box in the UK the southside footage is currently on catchup.