Friday, December 20, 2013

Roger's 'Love & Other Tragedies'

Il Regno Dei Morti from Roger O'Donnell on Vimeo.

"A day in the studio with Francesca Ter-Berg recording Orpheus and Eurydice, part of the Love and Other Tragedies suite for piano and four cellos..."

And from Roger on Facebook: "This Friday I will be recording cello with Jo Quail a very dear friend. She is playing the Tristan and Isolde act from the Love and Other Tragedies suite. Ive also booked the mastering studio for January 9th to cut the acetates with Guy Davie for the pressing. Looks like the premiere will be the middle week of April in London at St Leonards..."

Update (Dec. 20th, 2013): Roger on Facebook - "...and here we are back at Fossil Studios recording Jo Quail and of course it sounds beautiful...."

And the recording is finished - "Well there we have it, recording finished for my new album project Love and Other Tragedies featuring on cello Julia Kent, Francesca Ter-Berg and Jo Quail with me of course on piano. Telling the three classic love tragedies of Scheherezade, Orpheus and Eurydice and Tristan and Isolde... Each story has three movements, a trilogy of trilogies and will be released as double vinyl on April 3rd 2014. ("Also digital download but not CD!")
Its taken a long time to finish and theres still some work to do but Im very happy with how it sounds right now and with Guy Davie's mastering genius and Anna Dorfman's art direction things can only get better.. "