Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Robert donates guitar to charity auction

From Amaze on Facebook: "We are extremely excited to announce that Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure has donated a very special guitar to Amaze. The guitar will be auctioned by Bonhams in London on December 18th. All proceeds from the sale will go to Amaze.

The guitar is a Schecter 'Robert Smith RS-1000' signature model acoustic guitar in gloss black finish, with spruce top, maple body, and rosewood bridge, owned and played by Robert Smith, fingerboard inlaid with stars and moon motif. Lyric notes on paper for 'A Boy I Never Knew' are taped along top side with tuning instructions "DGCFAD" handwritten in silver ink, inscribed on the body by Smith in silver pen "I'd love to see him sleep, I'd love to know him dream... The Cure 2008" additionally signed later "Robert 2013", accompanied by a Gator hardshell case with black plush lining, with masking tape on the outside labelled in black pen 'A Boy I Never Knew, DGCFAD' and inscribed on the case in silver ink 'CURE 2008.

Amaze is very grateful to Robert and his family for this generous donation." (Thanks @guillaume_g_z)

Update (Nov. 25th, 2013): The guitar is up at the Bonhams auction site, and that prompted a very rare tweet from The Cure on Twitter.

Update (Dec. 3rd, 2013): The official site has been updated with this info.

Update (Dec. 18th, 2013): It sold for £22,000 (£27,500 including premium)! Wow! Well done! Thank you to Robert for always being willing to support great causes and charities!

From The Cure on Facebook, Twitter, and "WOW! THANKS! RSX Lot 403 THE CURE: A SCHECTER RS 1000 GUITAR IN BLACK GLOSS FINISH OWNED AND PLAYED BY ROBERT SMITH, Sold for £27,500 inc. premium"

Update (Dec. 20th, 2013): Nice article about this at The Argus. (Thanks David)


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    1. You're supposed to Love Cats, not hurt them! (ba, da-da, da, da, da da-da...)

  2. Or you can slit the cats like cheese. Umm, just not mine!

  3. One more reason to love Robert Smith!

  4. ultra awesome generous idea! so is the reflections dvd going to really going to be a six-pack?

  5. If my math is right that's over $36,000.. Crazy.. Glad it's going to a good cause

  6. Nothing crazy about dropping coin on a legit charity. It was probably collected by someone with serious ca$h in reserve, perhaps as an investment in a very cool piece of art.

    It was awesome of Robert to donate it. :-)

  7. Thank you guys, so now my adress is...

  8. DGCFAD .. these crazy tunings explain why I can't figure out how to play a lot of cure songs!