Thursday, October 31, 2013

Voodoo is ready for us

Le Ritual stage is up. Photo from @KeithSpera.
The Merch Church/Merchandise stand. Photo from @KeithSpera.
Rides setup and waiting for riders. Photo from @KeithSpera.


  1. wtf's with the gate down the middle of the field/stage? (sorry, never been b4)

    1. What about it? The field is separated into left and right side, with a clear alley down the middle for security, medical, etc. Pretty standard at most big festivals.

  2. according to the 3D fest map ~ GenAdm access to the main stage is limited to approx 35-40% of stage front … wtf man, we’re traveling 1100 miles to come see the Cure … already spent a small fortune on travel & tickets … gr-r-r-r-reat...

    1. There's a small section on the right side that is only accessible to those who buy the LOA VIP tickets and others. That's why you pay extra for those tickets. You have your choice of front of stage, elevated, or VIP areas to watch the show.

      If you have to be right up front, you'll have to be there early and go to the left section.

  3. filthypit, I feel you pain. I'm in the same boat, and I've been wondering just how early I might have to show up for a decent spot. I've never been to a festival, and I don't know how different bands coming on beforehand effects the crowds.

  4. so it costs $550 to be up close to stage? ... that's a bunch of crap, man.... i usually spend the xtra $$ for good seats ($250-$350ea) @ Cure shows - but $550 is nuts... i wouldn't pay $550 to see Jesus Christ perform live... THIS IS SERIOUS ~ i need to be w/ Simon!

    and exactly why i hate festivals ... nothing having direct physical contact w/ 100,000 (other) sweaty-drunks, while standing in ankle-deep mud, urine and used condoms [having HFS-tival flashbacks]

    they REALLY should have spelled this crap cattle-pen arrangement out @ ticket purchase site (for those of us who are voodoofest illiterate)

    major bummer

    no, REALLY EXPENSIVE major bummer


    1. It's a festival. That's the way it works. This is one reason why I hate them and would never pay big bucks to travel to one, and never have. I'm only going to this because it's in my city, and possibly the last time The Cure plays New Orleans.

      Thankfully, I don't need or want to be upfront. I'll just hang back and enjoy the music. I know what they look like. I don't need to see them. :)

    2. And Voodoo does list the front row perk for VIPs on the website:

      Access to the Loa Lounge

      Access To The Loa Front Row (Reserved Viewing Area in Front of ALL Stages)

      Access To VOODOO Cargo Containers (A Raised Viewing Area with Seating and Full Service Bar)

  5. Must be desperate times.. We're all willing to go to a festival for them! :P

    I also wanted near front of Simon side, but I know chances of that are slim to none. :(

    Anyone willing to show up early(ish) with me to stake out spots and give one another food, bathroom, etc, breaks?

  6. Prayers for impossible things :D

  7. and for everyone who's chill enough to stand back & enjoy the show from afar, their view will be blocked by a ridiculously HUGE bigtop-style tent over the soundboard... just seems like a incredibly poor set-up for such an expensive festival...
    yeah, i'm still whining...

  8. I had two different festival experiences at ACL.

    The first week, I stood back (about 50 metres) from the stage and just enjoyed listening to the band. It was wonderful.

    The second week, as the band before finished, a group of us weaved our way to the front - we were over to the side but on the rail. That was wonderful,too.

    My point - it doesn't matter where you stand, you will be hearing (and possibly seeing) The Cure and the world is always better at that moment in time.

    Enjoy the shows...... it looks like the weather is going to be fabulous too.