Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cure initially declined Voodoo offer

From an article posted at Nola.com today: "The Cure initially declined a Voodoo invitation. Months later, the band’s reps asked if the slot was still available. By then, Rehage was in discussions with Voodoo veteran Kid Rock’s camp. Both acts ended up confirming the same week. “We talked to both of them, and figured one of the two would hit,” Rehage said. “They both wanted to do it, so we carved out a slot. It all fell into place.”

The Cure following Kid Rock on the same stage recalls such odd Voodoo pairings as rapper Drake preceding Ozzy Osbourne in 2010, or Dr. John abutting Moby the festival’s first year.
“We’ve always had some interesting transitions,” Rehage said. The Cure and Kid Rock “is certainly one of them.”

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  1. I seem to remember The Cure declining to precede Faith No More once, I'm fairly certain Paul Weller took the slot which surely tops the Kid Rock transition for complete non-compatibility.